5 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Cases

5 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Cases

The Galaxy Note 20 is the latest addition to Samsung’s Note series, in “phablet” style (you know: phone+tablet). Samsung has slightly enhanced the Galaxy Note 20 to make it competitive in the ever-changing smartphone landscape.

1. Spigen Tough Armor Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Case

“Harder than hard,” that’s how Spigen describes their Tough Armor Case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, which is made of a combination of thermoplastic urethane and polycarbonate for great protection against drops and scratches. Raised bezels protect the screen and camera. Reinforced stand supports your phone on a flat surface for hands-free use.

2. VRS Design Damda Glide Pro Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Case

There seem to be many cases of phones that claim to meet military abandonment standards, but how many actually seem to come from the military? This model, the Damda Glide Pro from VRS Design, is available in basic black but also in an incredibly cool military olive color that you’ll be proud to show off. With the black credit card cover on the back and the hex head screw details, this model looks like a real badass.


3. Ghostek Atomic Slim Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Case

Thanks to its reinforced dual-layer design, this Atomic Slim case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will protect your phone from anything that could happen to it in 2020 (and that’s a big deal). It features an aluminum alloy bumper frame that will withstand drops from more than three meters. It’s even been tested to military standards and came out unscathed.

4. Ringke Air-S Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Case

The new Galaxy Note 20 is probably their thinnest and lightest device to date. The Ringke Air-S takes advantage of this shape feature to offer a flexible design that complements the aircraft’s profile. This case weighs almost nothing and is so thin that you might forget that your phone has a case.

5. Spigen Liquid Air Armor Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Case

If you are looking for a simple and reliable case from a reputable supplier, then this Spigen Liquid Air Armor for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 case is tailor-made for you. It is slim, snug-fitting and extremely lightweight. The Liquid Air Armor case is non-slip, has a matte surface and is resistant to fingerprints.