E3 Round Up

Readers, one thinks we can all agree that E3 2018 was a phenomenal spectacle for everyone concerned. Regardless of conferences confirming releases, revealing new game play, premiering new content or just entertaining the crowd, E3 2018 is one to remember. Despite the widespread media coverage surrounding this event; ask yourself, is there one single article out there packed with all the best trailers, conferences and run downs of this year’s event? Well there is now, Uncle Reggie has you covered

So sit back, relax and let Uncle Reggie take you through the minefield of awesomeness that was E3 2018.


Phil Spencer and co. certainly delivered to their fan base who demanded new IP, first party content and exclusives. 50 titles were revealed during the Xbox conference. Granted, we all knew about a handful but the surprise punches just kept on coming. Rather than give you a boring list, here are some of the highlights of what was confirmed:

The Full Conference (Skip the first hour):

Halo: Infinite Announcement Trailer:

Gears 5 Announcement Trailer:

Forza Horizon 4 Announcement Trailer:

Ori and the Will of the Wisps Gameplay Trailer:

Crackdown 3 Trailer:

Sea of Thieves Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores Announcement Trailer:

Devil May Cry V Announcement Trailer:

ID @ XBOX Games Montage:

There was so much more content in the conference so make sure you take some time to watch it in case you haven’t already. Xbox seems to be onto something big with their Game Pass with all first party IP releases coming to Game Pass on day one of release. Oh, and did one mention Xbox have acquired FIVE new studios under the Microsoft Studios banner? Exciting times ahead.


This games writer thinks the majority of my readers will agree that Bethesda stole the show this year. From jesting about Rage 2’s accidental Walmart leak, to new Wolfenstien and DooM and fully revealing Fallout 76. And of course, confirmation that The Elder Scrolls VI exists. If you haven’t already, check out the conference and some of the highlights below:

Bethesda’s E3 Conference:

RAGE 2  – Gameplay Feature:

Elder Scrolls VI Announcement Trailer:

Starfield Announcement Trailer:

DooM Eternal Announcement Trailer:

Wolfenstien: Young Blood Announcement Trailer:

Fallout 76 E3 Trailer:

It looks like Bethesda are starting to rethink their single player only status, with the amazing multiplayer update to Prey and Fallout 76’s online only experience. This writer has complete confidence in this award winning developer and publisher, but seriously Elder Scrolls VI needs to hurry up!


Well, there is not much else that Sony can do wrong with their current generation behemoth PlayStation 4. They started the generation on the right foot, having invested in new and existing first party IP and have hands down won this generation. Their E3 was mostly updates on already announced games, which is absolutely fine given the quality showcased. Below is their E3 conference courtesy of the amazing staff at GameSpot followed by some of the best trailers and reveals from the event:

Sony E3 Conference:

The Last of Us Part II Gameplay Reveal Trailer:

Death Stranding 4K Trailer:

Marvel’s Spider-Man Demo Showcase:

Tetris Effect Reveal Trailer:

Resident Evil 2 PS4 Demo:

Days Gone Trailer:

Twin Mirror Announcement Trailer:

With some new IP appearing this far into the PlayStation 4’s lifespan, it is clear that Sony are more than comfortable with the plateau they have built for themselves. This writer however, wonders whether Sony have put all their eggs into one basket this generation. Seeing Xbox trying their hardest to secure their future with first party studio acquisitions makes one wonder what cards Sony has up their sleeves?

Electronic Arts (EA)

Well sports fans, to everyone’s surprise (Sarcasm anyone?) FIFA 19 and Madden 19 were officially revealed. With that being a given, fans were expecting some fresh Star Wars reveals and some heavy coverage of Biowares’ proving ground Anthem. EA have had a rocky year with loot box controversies haunting their latest Battlefront release, did they pull it back? Sort of. Along with some new IP and some givens, EA at least put everyone in the picture moving forward:

EA E3 Conference (Start One Hour in):

Anthem Gameplay Features:

Battlefield V Multiplayer Trailer:

FIFA 19 Official Reveal Trailer:

Madden NFL  19 Official Reveal Trailer:

NBA Live 19 Offical Reveal Trailer:

Unravel Two Official Reveal Trailer:

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Announcement:

This Star Wars enthusiast is instantly engaged with the awesome Star Wars news, one is thinking a Jedi Knight type of game? Who knows until Respawn is ready to fully reveal their work. Also the Anthem coverage was very impressive and hopefully a return to form for the once proud Bioware post Mass Effect: Andromeda. Unravel Two is a quirky little platformer that took the stage by surprise also, it’s nice to see EA taking some risks instead of just churning new additions to their sports licences.


Ubisoft is another developer/publisher who brought the big guns to this year’s E3 event. We saw some new additions to massively popular existing franchise as well as one or two new game play reveals. Try as they might, AC: Odyssey was unfortunately leaked the day before with a key ring image. But nothing seemed to dampen the E3 crowds’ spirits:

Ubisoft E3 Conference (Start at 1:11:00 if one likes dancing Pandas):

Assassins Creed: Odyssey reveal Trailer:

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Gameplay Trailer:

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle: Donkey Kong Adventure DLC Trailer:

For Honor Marching Fire Cinematic Trailer:

For Honor Breach Gameplay Trailer:

Trials Rising Reveal Trailer:

Rainbow Six Siege: An Esports Documentary Trailer:

With Assassins Creed on its way along with some massive IP such as the Division making a return, it looks like exciting times ahead in all realms for Ubi.


Nintendo fan boys everywhere were treated to a reveals galore yesterday thanks to the pre-recorded Nintendo presentation and various snippets of Tree House content. Nintendo @ E3 gave us, more or less, what we all wanted in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Pokémon Let’s Go gameplay, plus a few more announcements and footage from developing titles.

What’s that readers? You didn’t catch the event or any of the Tree House announcements? Don’t worry, Uncle Reggie has you covered. Let’s get right down to it. Here is everything fans may have missed or need to catch up on so far:

Nintendo Direct E3 Conference:

Pokémon Lets Go Pikachu an Eevee Gameplay:

Splatoon 2 Expansion Trailer:

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Gameplay Parts 1-3:

Fortnite Gameplay:

Fire Emblem 3 Houses Reveal Trailer:

Overcooked 2 Reveal Trailer:

Daemon x Machina Reveal Trailer:

Paladins Reveal Trailer:

Super Mario Party Reveal Trailer:

This is huge news; Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has EVERY FIGHTER EVER from the Smash Bros. franchise. Fingers crossed that request for Goku works out. Whilst Pokémon Lets Go! has the Pokémon fan base divided, this writer honestly thinks it will be a blast. Think Pokémon Yellow, on the Switch with some new mechanics to change things up. But not Sun and Moon change… Nope!

That about covers E3 2018 readers. Is there anything you are looking forward to in particular? Perhaps I deserve a scorning for loving Pokémon Lets Go? Sound off in the comments below, here’s to an awesome 2018 and 2019. Well, until the next E3 anyway!


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