Le Tour De France 2018 review – Please See Le Tour De France 2017

As my cycling enthusiast readers will know, developer Cyanide Studios have been pile driving this licence into the ground for some years now. This year isn’t any different. Unfortunately this will be short and sweet. Actually, that’s a good thing so let’s not waste any time!

Le Tour De France fails miserably at becoming a watered down Pro Cycle Manager. For those who have no idea what that is, imagine Football Manager for dip sticks. TDF tries to force players to manage a team of 8 cyclists in its main mode that are in all honestly more skilled than the protagonist players get to create.

“Ladies and Gentleman, your 7 zombies and protagonist await!”

Would you like the training wheels on or off?

A constant battle with the games A.I. ensues; try getting a team member to not smash the first 25 minutes of a track then burn out. Let’s not get into the friction burn, although players can tell them to take the odd nutrition snack they have tucked away in their spandex.

One tried to take the A.I. off via the in game menu. That was loads of fun. Reggie had taken out a crew of 7 brainless zombies with just enough intuition to balance on a bike so one could tell them what to do. In all seriousness, one might as well have done the track on his own with 8 bikes. Such a stressful option turned on and off, why Cyanide!?

Gradient Grind

Admittedly, the game does shine during crunch times such as higher gradients towards the end of a track, or reserving enough stamina for the final sprint of the track. To be honest, if players are not used to the whole cycling scene like this reviewer, they will have absolutely no idea what to expect until they fail the first time.

Tour De France does a terrible job of setting players expectations of tracks, vague hints such as “This track requires wheels on the cyclists Bike” don’t give any indication of how to measure team endurance. Of course, that wasn’t an actual hint but it may as well be!

“What did this writer say? Gollum Bankers everywhere!”

A Bike with no Frame

Whilst players do have the options of short burst races they are pretty half cooked and just unnecessary, as is the games main mode. On the plus side, the scenery and level design is well realized. Le Tour De France has some wonderful scenery and some brilliant vistas. However, breaking the fourth wall are the lifeless goblin faces of the Le Tour De France 2018 character models.

Imagine if you will, Gollum and a Potter-verse Elf fell in love and decided to procreate. Yep, that level of weird looking. One just doesn’t understand what Cyanide is trying to achieve in this title bar milking a dried out Cow. TDF Is that bad I’m not even bothering with the soundtrack; it’s just a sorry state of affairs.


Graphics and Presentation: 1.5

Gameplay: 1

Sound: 1

Overall Score: 1.3/5

Le Tour De France 2018 is a poor representation of one of the best sporting events in Europe. One imagines Cyanide having an iron clad agreement with the brand to carry on releasing such poor titles year on year. Either that or no one cares. Just grab a Pro Cycling Manager title and be happy for reading this review.

Formats: PlayStation 4 (Reviewed), Xbox One, and Steam

Price: £39.99 (PS Store)

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Developer: Cyanide Studios

Release Date: 28/06/2018

Age Rating: PEGI 3+

Review copy provided by publisher



  1. Yo! I reviewed this for other people and didn’t think it was THAT bad. Graphics are fairly bad, quite boring and only a minor improvement over 2017.

    Takes a while to get used to it and actually get into how strategic it is for a sports game.

    Hard work though.


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