Mecha Storm Review – Gundam this Shogo to The Zone of the Enders.

One hopes that his readers appreciate the work put into that title. Anyway, mobile game turned Switch exclusive Mecha Storm is crafted by developer ENP in a bid to bring a new take on Mech combat.

What players actually get is a solid upgrade and buying system with a thick layer of poorly executed Mech combat. Players will find themselves controlling a fire team of three Mechs who are swappable on the fly. This is ENP’s answer to Mecha Storm’s health system, which ultimately is a bit of a pain. The switching process is initiated by the press of a shoulder button and a normal button, which makes no sense and turns the mechanic into a big potato pie.

Boil ‘Em, Mash ‘Em, Stick ‘Em in a Stew!

When any title incorporates a tag team type mechanic it needs to be snappy and uncomplicated. This flaw is a major one and completely overshadows the gameplay, which is like wading your way through mash potato. A dodge button is incorporated, but is another victim to Mecha Storm’s backwards thought processes due to its aiming system.

Mecha Storm’s aiming system locks on to the closest target and does not move until that enemy is destroyed or fallen behind another enemy, so players can wave goodbye to any form of synergy they have tried to create whilst creating their personal fire team. Oh, the camera angle is fixed as well. **Thumbs Up**

What is Your Quest?

Each level is a parallel and unattractive urban wasteland that is more or less an on the rails experience. Conveniently placed portals are at the end of every stretch of highway which teleports players to another area. It’s a very silly place **Cue Holy Grail Camelot Song** that could have been easily saved by just having a Dynasty Warriors inspired format that is based on an open area of wasteland.


“Awww, my little cute Mechs…”

The one place Mecha Warriors shines is its simplistic upgrade, buy and sell Mech garage attempt. Players can pick up various items that improve a Mechs speed, defence, skills and more. Players can choose from three Mech types in their fire teams:

  • Scout: Fast, agile and specialises in close quarter combat
  • Brawlers: Slow but pack a punch
  • Guardians: High defence stats which comes in useful when hit with healing times.

Can’t you Mechanics Just Get Along!?

Players can pick from many variants of these classes which can then be customized further through the majesty or random items found in-game. It’s such a shame that Mecha Warriors end game is so poor, this mechanic is completely wasted at its hands.

Graphically players can enjoy a smooth frame rate both in docked and handheld mode. Mechs are designed in a ‘Chibi’ fashion which is a nice touch and goes against the grain of moody Mech titles that have come before. The levels are terrible and should be court marshalled for their crimes against customisation mechanics. Whilst the menu system is a jam packed one, the initial tutorial does a good job of navigating the minefield for new players.

Whilst all sound effects and music sounded the part, this writer can’t honestly remember anything about them. One doesn’t mean that in a positive manner for immersion purposes, it’s just another area of the game that comes across as an afterthought.

mecha storm

“I wish Mecha Storm played as well as the screenshot makes it look…”


Graphics and Presentation: 3

Gameplay: 2

Sound: 2

Overall Score: 2.3/5

Mecha Storm is a tragedy of its own design. Whilst the customisation and mech building mechanics work well, they become redundant once the game kicks in. The graphics style is a fresh take on the genre, but again is haunted by the series of afterthoughts and lack of polish. The price point is a bloated one to say the least.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch (Reviewed), iOS and Android

Release Date: 25/05/2018

Price: £17.99 (eShop)

Publisher: ENP

Developer: ENP

Pegi Rating: 3+

Review Copy Provided by Publisher



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