Paladins: Champions of the Realm review – A Heroic Success

The time has finally come for Nintendo Switch owners worldwide to embrace the hero shooter genre with Paladins: Champions of the Realm. Envisioned by developer High-Rez studios, Paladins has been ranked amongst the best including Blizzards Overwatch. Although the two titles differ, they still put out a similar effect.


Paladins have a massive roster of Hero’s to choose from that all have their own unique skill sets, weapons and designs. No clone characters here! The players chosen hero will fall into one of the following categories:

Front Line: Heroes who would be otherwise known as tanks. Lots of defensive abilities and a high pain threshold

Damage: Heroes whose abilities are all offensively based. Whilst their stats back up massive attack power, their speed and stamina are rarely above average.

Support: Hero’s who would be known as Healer of Clerics. Support healers abilities circle around healing and supporting the team.

Flank: Heroes otherwise known as rangers. This class of Hero is quite weak in compassion to the other classes, but their speed and stamina are unmatched. Perfect for in and out style players.

“That dude is on Fiyah!”

Statistical Teamwork

Teamwork is necessary for big wins in Paladins, as is statistical builds. Sure, players can pop in and out every now again for a quick death match but there is a Meta game to be enjoyed. Players can alter their Hero’s stats by altering their stat card load outs. These can be bought by earning currency through playing matches, completing daily events or copping out and buying them.

Unlike other hero shooters, Paladins makes players stick with the Hero they have chosen throughout the match. Speaking of matches, there are 3 types:

Siege: The ‘main’ Paladins game mode, it’s more or less capture the flag. Players face to a central capture point, then just up the joint for it to return successfully to their team base.

Onslaught: Teams battle over a map to gain control of a certain area. Think king of the hill but with points for enemy kills a la death matches.

Team Death match: No need to explain this mode, first team to hit the 40 kills cap wins. Lovely!

Those Death Match Feels

This writer is an Unreal Tournament vet, team death match brings back so many of the same feelings one felt when playing IT. It’s fast paced, brutal and takes some practice to get good. Love it.

Paladins looks great on Nintendo Switch and runs very smoothly. Just to make readers aware, my standard Wi-Fi router is downstairs on the opposite side to my bedroom and I had no issues match Making or with LAG. The Paladins servers are brilliant in this writer’s book!

The character design is typical of the genre with a cell shaded team fortress / World of Warcraft vibe going on. It’s wonderful to play such a fluent first person shooter that relies on an internet connection on Nintendo Switch. One is happy with the sound engineering as well, sound effects have depth and feel. They are also well timed. The soundtrack isn’t anything to rave about but it suits the source material just fine.

“The most deadliest jazz hands one has ever seen”


Graphics and Presentation: 4

Gameplay: 4.7

Sound: 4

Overall score: 4.2 /5

Paladins is a polished and tight hero shooter. This writer is hooked and cannot wait to jump back in. Although it’s behind a pay wall at the moment, a free to play model will be released in the coming months. Just to note that the founders pack does come with a nice but of content, this writer would say it’s worth it!

Formats: Nintendo Switch (Reviewed), Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Steam

Price: £24.99

Publisher: High Rez Studios

Developer: High Rez Studios

Release Date: 12/06/2018

Age Rating: PEGI 12+

Review copy provided by publisher


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