Slime-San: SuperSlime Edition Review – Did One Mention Slime?

Developer Fabraz and publisher Head up Games have seen great success with the vanilla launch of Slime-San a year ago. Along with the best platformer nomination 2017, Slime San has seen three major content updates and a string of merchandise. Not bad for a pixel platformer huh?

Fabraz have now double downed on their commitment to the franchise with their latest release: Slime-San: SuperSlime Edition. The aforementioned special edition release contains all previously released DLC including ‘Blackbirds Kraken’ and ‘Sheeple’s Sequel’. This content equates to a grand total of 160 levels, new game+, explorable hub worlds with shops, speed running & boss rush modes, mini games and more.

Nickelodeon called, they want their Slime back!

Slime-San is a super powered blob of slime which can jump up walls, boost and jump whilst in mid air and smash/phase though certain in game environments. More is included in game, but one will leave that to the readers and players to discover.

“That feeling before a perfectly executed jump and boost…”

The level design in Slim-San is brilliantly executed and laid out down to the last pixel, this kind of depth in platforming design is a speed runners dream come true. Hazards such as approaching stomach acid, damaging and passable cell walls, alternative paths and collectables are all well placed and provide a nice incline of difficulty as the game progresses. This also trains players post tutorial to experiment with move combos on the fly such as dropping down from a ledge, then mid air jumping into a swift phased boost through a green cell wall.

Livin’ In a Speed Runnin’ Paradise…

Every button press and movement has been fine tuned to make sure players spend less time adjusting muscle memory and more time just having a blast navigating levels. Jumping is snappy; Slime-San isn’t in the air for a millisecond longer than he needs to be. Jumping through moving hazards in game is a perfect example of the level of precision Fabraz have honed whilst working on the title.

Slime-San is presented with a ZX Spectrum flare to its bit style design, never steering away from a couple of different colour hues dotted on a black background. This is an ingenious method of players being able to efficiently track the protagonists pale green movements and tracks around the level. This title does end up getting pretty hectic; making this design choice one that fits the status quo.

“When the level is covered in slime from previous attempts, it’s probably time to re-think things a little.”

I Just Can’t Get You Outta My Head!

One needs to track down the OST for this game; the opening title is one of the catchiest bit-chip tunes this games reviewer has heard for a while. If a soundtrack can get players to hum it when away from the game, the developers have cracked it. Imagine the most perfect arcade cabinet tune that one can remember from their childhood, yeah that good.

Sound effects are again akin to the dawn of platform gaming, setting players up for a series of pings and bloops that fit in with the overall style of the game. The best part about the OST and SFX is that Slime-San never attempts to emulate past icons successes; Slime-San walks its own path as a standalone classic and hectic platformer.

“And the feeling when players know that a jump really isn’t going to pay off…”


Graphics and Presentation: 4.5

Gameplay: 4.5

Sound: 4.9

Overall Score: 4.6 / 5

Slime-San: SuperSlime Edition is the complete collection of a modern day platforming classic, in no way does this games reviewer say that statement lightly. Everything about Slime-San is polished from the controls to the addictive soundtrack. This title walks its own path of greatness rather than trying to emulate the past successes of retro titles in the same vein.

Formats: PlayStation 4 Pro (Reviewed) and Xbox One

Price: TBC

Publisher: Fabraz

Developer: Head Up Games

Release Date: 26/06/2018

Age Rating: PEGI 3+

Review copy provided by publisher


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