Trust Charging Grip for Nintendo Switch Review – Worth the Charge?

For Nintendo Switch owners who play in docked or tabletop mode, having a practical way to charge joy cons can be an issue. Often, players resort to buying a second set. Both Nintendo and Trust offer solutions in their charging grips, but with the official Nintendo product being just £3 more is the Trust alternative really worth it? Here are some comparison pictures to showcase the differences, in which there are very little.


The pad charges the Joy Cons within a couple of hours or even whilst the Joy Cons are in use which is great news. The grip itself is quite comfortable; however one did miss the longer handles that the official Nintendo grip has. It still kept away the hand cramp this reviewer gets when playing more intense Switch games with Joy Cons.

The grip fits perfectly with the Joy Cons with the middle body lining up almost perfectly with Nintendo’s quirky peripherals. When sliding the Joy Cons onto the grip, it feels tighter than what a normal switch controller would, which one preferred. It does feel like a sturdier grip which would survive a few trips in a backpack floating loose.

The build itself is a quality one and contends with first party peripherals; however one would be expecting a cheaper price point to make me not want to buy an official one as my readers would probably agree. That being said, it’s a nice piece of kit. If your local store has run out of official Nintendo charging grips but has the Trust alternative, you will not regret it.

Overall Score: 4/5


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