Trust Streaming Pack Review – A Streaming Nightmare

Before one saddles up for this review, please be aware that I have the upmost respect for Trust and their efforts and bringing gaming accessories to players on a budget. OKAY… This is the Trust Streaming Pack, and entry level accessory set aimed at budding streamers.


With its plug and play attitude, spotlight feature and microphone stand, would be streamers might just begin to be in awe with just how much value there is in one box for £21.99. Unfortunately, for said streamers, they would be wrong… Terribly wrong!

Most streamers choose to capture their console or PC gaming via a capture card and then use studio software such as OBS to insert their webcam and audio equipment. Potential buyers will probably find a more efficient webcam already built into their laptop screens. The image the spotlight webcam puts out is incredibly blurry with frequent ghosting and the in-built adjustable lens does nothing to cure the issue.

The stand only allows for players to use on plan surfaces which was another disappointment. I mean, a simple clip on stand would not have been much of an issue to include. Luckily, ones balancing skills were on form whilst reviewing.

The Spotlight Webcam has a terrible dark to light ratio, to the point where one looks like they can actually grow half decent facial hair. Let this reviewer advise his readers that this is not the case. At all. The Spotlight’s are dimmable, which means it turns off and on a little bit. That is if you are lucky, as only five or six of my Spotlights actually worked.

Moving on to the microphone and stand, it sure looks the part does it not? Again, it is a terrible piece of equipment. Looking very similar to the Guitar Hero microphones, the Trust streaming pack microphone has next to no range. Whilst it was working, I had to get incredibly intimate to get some volume out of it. Just sitting and talking was completely inaudible.

And yes, it then broke within hours of testing. Sorry, there is not much more one could say on the matter. Had just one of them broke, one would have got in touch with Trust and got a replacement. However, both items breaking within a couple of hours and providing half baked features made me realise that these issues seem to be widespread.

In most cases, buyers will always get what they pay for. This pack felt like my old chat kit for MSN Messenger which I buried in the attic 15 years ago. I did originally want to do a video review demonstrating how the streaming pack works, but alas this reviewer did not get very far.

Overall Score: 0.5/5

Review tech  provided by the manufacturer



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