The Crew 2 Review – The Long Drive

Ubisoft have gone flat out in the middle lane and released The Crew 2, a much anticipated follow up to the original. Whilst the game is fully based online, a subscription is only required for Multiplayer sections and the towns people rejoice. However, once a few hours’ settle in, one found the single player experience lacking.

In The Crew 2, players start things off by picking one of the pre-defined protagonists to burn some rubber with. It then becomes the protagonists goal to hit record social media digits in the games four key disciplines:
Street Racing
Pro Racing


“Excuse me sir, did you realize that your licence plate was illegal?”
This is the games extended tutorial mode which is then expounded on with a small tournament attached to each discipline. As expected from most arcade driving titles, The Crew 2 doesn’t win any awards for script or dialogue. But who cares? Players just want to race, right? Various tasks and races are listed as events across The Crew 2’sMini America’, a sandbox map which players are free to explore however they like.
With that being said, one found a few empty areas whilst cruising across the maps 40 minutes stretch. This seems to be a problem with over adventurous sandbox drivers, but this is less noticeable when you assemble a crew together. This is evident with friends, where players can extract the waste fluids from each other, one found stranger Crew 2 moments a bit awkward.


Drive, Duck, Dip, Dive and… DRIVE!


The controls for the games cars, monster trucks, planes, boats and bikes are all very accessible to new and returning players with quite a low difficulty curve. Whilst one understands Ubisofts approach to accessibility on this one, the sense of achievement is left in the dust back in San Francisco. Speaking of cities, this is where the majority of events are held, particularly the aforementioned, which again brings this reviewer back to the blank spots noticed in this game.

maxresdefault (1)

“Gameplay can become a bit of a floater 5+ hours in”
Burnout Paradise did a wonderful job of populating an open world with some quality gameplay whilst maintaining its balance. This reviewer feels like the Crew 2 talked a big game but delivered a glass that’s half full. Weather conditions don’t really effect vehicles but variate the games scenery, a decision that one found disappointing even in an arcade racing title. Night and day driving conditions taste like chalk and cheese, with the chalk being night time. One would recommend staying close to the city at nightfall, unless players are happy with driving blind to checkpoints or well-lit land marks!


Smooth Sailin’, Flyin’ or Drivin’


With all the negativity displayed in this review, one will praise the games servers which ran smoothly without drop out or LAG as well as the overall aesthetic of the game. The menu system just wants to back heel players into the game ASAP and wastes no time doing so. From there, players are greeted with some nice sharp visuals in both Standard and Pro setups.
Granted, they aren’t at a racing sim level but they stand up against other arcade titles on the market. Sound engineering in the game is solid and matches up with the vehicles and actions in game. Although the voice acting is solid it kind of becomes a skipable part of the game as the story aspects of The Crew 2 are about as engaging as a bin lid.


“OMG Chem trails confirmed!”

Graphics and Presentation: 3.9
Sound: 4
Gameplay: 3.9
Overall Score: 3.9/5

The Crew 2 is a solid arcade racer that is fun to play with friends, however single players’ will feel more like a one-man crew a few hours in. The Crew 2 is like a Kia Sportage, beautiful on the outside with bog standard features on the inside.

  • Formats: PlayStation 4 Pro (Reviewed), Xbox One and Steam
    • Price: £54.99 (PS Store)
    • Publisher: Ubisoft
    • Developer: Ubisoft Ivory Tower
    • Release Date: 26/06/2018
    • Age Rating: PEGI 12+
    • Review copy provided by publisher

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