Vermintide 2 review – Crack a Rat

Fatshark are back to meme, butcher and quest with Games Workshops 'Warhammer' licence in 'Vermintide 2' on Xbox one. Whilst the title did come out earlier this year on PC, Vermintide 2 is catching it's second wind with the standard edition appearing on Game Pass since launch. Especially with the attention to detail displayed on Xbox One X.

So, what’s changed since Vermintides’ first outing with ‘End Times’? Well, readers will be happy to know that all of the positives have remained from the first title in the series with an added sparkle. With the mutated Rat Skaven race now teaming up with the Chaos legion, players can expect more flavours in opponents in game. What’s more? It’s gory as hell, imagine a fantasy based ‘DooM’ team based platformers and players aren’t far off.

Whilst Vermintide 2 does offer offline and online modes, the actual game is online. What this writer means is that offline progression won’t carry over into online scenarios. This reviewer isn’t very fond of speaking to other players online, one is very much a silent death match or single player kind of gamer. And guess what gamers? It’s like Vermintide 2 was made for gamers such as myself.

Maybe try a Team Building Weekend?

Levels are easily navigated and members of the team are highlighted at distances to help keep track in the madness that is Vermintide 2s gameplay. Speaking of the team, the old squad is back again! All complete with variant powers and buffs that increase every few levels, starting at level 7. The team itself is quite balanced in terms of ability and synergy, it’s down to players to work out their specific roles. These range from a crowd controlling Witch Doctor to a offensive based shotgun wielding Dwarf with a double handed weapon to boot.


“That readers, is a mans man!”

During the main campaign there are a total of 4 acts with 3 maps in each. Players can access these missions and more in a hub world of sorts called the Keep. The aforementioned resembles a ruined castle more than a keep, however it serves as the perfect save haven for our heroes. Not only can players select custom missions and quick play, they can also customize the teams equipped items or break down said items that aren’t needed to craft something more useful.

Loot crates drop at the end of every mission which serves as the item acquiring mechanic Fatshark have employed. Item such as charms, armour and more can be found inside and works well with the level progression system with players not relying on gold to purchase items. A commendable way of keeping gameplay fresh and unpredictable!



Teamwork, Holmes

This reviewer would heavily advise getting used to playing as the whole team, as match making can be a bit of a nightmare at times. One has been faced with a few wait times of up to 4 minutes, and then upon finding a free game one had to change characters as mine had been selected. Get those load outs ready to fire for all team members readers, you never know!

Whilst the matchmaking system kind of shoe horns multiple character progressions on players, it does keep gameplay fresh and exciting. His still doesn’t excuse the wait times however.

This reviewer was amazed by how much the Xbox One X version of the game kept up with Vermintide 2s high spec PC brethren, smooth frame rates with no LAG and maxed out textures throughout. This reviewer believes the only difference players may find is with HDR or high refresh rate TVs vs Monitors, its a really close call.

The voice acting work in-game strikes the perfect tone with players expectations of the Warhammer franchise, juggling between humour and an acceptable UK Midlands accent. Sound effects and score are well timed and presented whilst maintaining quality levels of Bass, Mids and Highs for ultimate immersion.


“let’s get straight to the point…”


Graphics and Presentation: 5/5

Sound: 5/5

Gameplay: 4/5

Total Score: 4.7 / 5.0

Fatsharks’ Vermintide 2 is a credit to the Warhammer franchise and the fantasy genre, breaking down the walls of pre conception and making the lore accessible to all. A job well done!

• Formats:  Xbox One X (Reviewed) and Steam
• Price: £23.99 (Microsoft Store) Free with Game Pass
• Publisher: Fatshark
• Developer: Fatshark
• Release Date: 26/06/2018
• Age Rating: PEGI 12+
• Review copy provided by publisher





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