Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-Tered Review – A Martian Dad Joke

Violation Inc. with the help of THQ Nordic have brought one of last generations classics into the 4K current gen in Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-Tered. After spending a good 2 minutes trying to top the Dad joke that is the title, one decided to just get on with the review.

Much like the other remasters of this generation, Red Faction has received a pretty face lift which runs at 4K resolution on the PlayStation 4 Pro with the performance mode. This writer however would not recommend running in high performance mode due to the unacceptable frame rate drops. Imagine a strobe that works in daylight, one can’t even.

Don’t touch me!

Other than that, Red Faction Guerrilla has been more or less untouched since its XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3 outing which allows players to check out the test of time. And It didn’t do too bad! The destruction mechanics still ‘Hold Up’ and the onslaught of the Earth Defense Force still goes off without a hitch.


“Ahhh, how one has missed the excessive use of brown during last gen”

For those readers who haven’t played Red Faction Guerrilla before, imagine Grand Theft Auto but on Mars and the protagonist is mostly a stand up chap. Without ruining the storyline, you play a rebel who operates under… You guessed it… Red Faction.  After tragedy strikes, it’s up to players to take down the power hungry EDF and restore balance to the galaxy. Oh wait, wrong franchise…!

A Quick word from Disney / Lucasfilm

RFG is an old efficient work horse whose back legs are about to give out. Whilst the destruction engine still shines, the same cannot be said regarding gameplay.

Today’s gaming industry and open world creators have tried to move away from the ‘Dale’s Supermarket Sweep’ style game play. If some of my readers are casual gamers, you will probably enjoy breaking prisoners out of EDF prisons, performing snatch and grabs, and then going back to base, then rinsing and repeating. For this writer however, this circle of events gets old after 4 hours or so worth of game play.


“This would have been awesome if not for the player pose…”

Oh Father Time…

The protagonists’ controls have not aged well. Players can find themselves walking into level boundaries quite often and rotating thumb sticks un-necessarily to get around the now inhabitable Mars landscape. It’s not ‘Enter the Matrix’ bad (Please, play it and tweet me. It’s so bad) but Violation Inc. really should have updated the movement for players as this really hinders gameplay. Especially in enclosed areas with a mob of EDF en route.

However, the aforementioned destruction does save face somewhat. Finding important EDF landmarks to tear to pieces is very entertaining and made this reviewer play for just that little bit longer than he probably should have.

The presentation and texture overall is a welcome addition and brings RFG into this console generation as far as visuals are concerned. In performance mode, players can expect a nice and smooth 60 frames per second. Just please, stay away from high performance mode. Or just play normally on a next gen console. The sound engineering on RFG hasn’t really seen much change. However, it does its job and falls into the category of ‘If it’s not broke don’t fix it’.


“Ladies and gentleman, the winner of the most useless fence competition!”


Graphics and Presentation: 3.5

Sound: 3.9


Overall Score: 3.8/5

Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-Tered is a welcome addition to the onslaught of remasters that have haunted this generation of consoles. Whilst some game play issues have aged terribly, destroying things still feels good nearly a decade on. One however fails to see why a previous generation remaster wouldn’t perform in high quality mode, but that’s none of my business.

  • Formats: PlayStation 4 Pro (Reviewed), Xbox One and Steam
  • Price: £24.99 (PS Store)
  • Publisher: THQ Nordic
  • Developer: Violation Inc.
  • Release Date: 03/07/2018
  • Age Rating: PEGI 16+
  • Review copy provided by publisher



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