Cat Quest -Puurfect Quick Quests

The Gentlebros, along with the help of legendary Publisher pQube, have brought Cat Quest from Mobile devices to the console world. If this writer is being completely honest about Cat Quest readers, it's pretty good!

Cat Quest follows the core gaming mechanics of ARPGs whilst maintaining a pickup and play game ethic which serves the snappy gameplay well. With its isometric viewing angle, the majority of Cat Quest takes place on a zoomed out map of the game world which can be easily navigated like most classic JRPGs. However, when players enter town and villages, they are not treated to a full fat experience.

Town and Villages serve as literal save, heal and quest pickup points. The focus of the game map is to get players fighting monsters asap! Every town and village includes a quest board for picking up aid quests, an Inn which serves as a save point / healing spot and a wizard to buy spells from. These range from offensive fire and lightning spells to defensive healing spells, all of which can be leveled up.


“That face a comment combination make one realize that this cat ghost is a bit tapped”

Fus Ro Meow!

The aforementioned spells are maps to the Switches 4 shoulder buttons which is comfortable and very accessible. Our protagonists standard attack is mapped to the front facing buttons as is the rolling dodge move, this will come in very handy later on in Cat Quest.

Whilst standard enemies are dotted about the map, boss battles and caves are clearly marked with a recommended level cap. Whilst some may argue this is making the game easier, this reviewer believes that it’s simply a directional mechanic for players to make better use of their time. This also adds to the pick up and play model The Gentlebros have adopted. Each type of enemy in game has their own attack pattern to memorize, which is where our protagonists excellent rolling abilities come in handy.

maxresdefault (1)

Mewtown confirmed **finds master ball**”

Why Do None of You Heroes Talk!?

The players protagonist is a silent one (as per) but is fleshed out with the presence of a spirit like companion that busts out dad jokes like it’s going out of fashion. Cat Quest is riddled with Cat based puns and references to pop culture, whilst some of this content is cringeworthy, it’s in the best way possible.

Weapons, Armour and loot are scattered around the game world in chests. Players do have the option of finding the blacksmiths to purchase a random chest for an extortionate amount of gold. Think ‘Loot Crates’but with in game money and not yours! The only gripe one has with the game play is variation, caves and enemy types hardly differ throughout the story which is a shame. Maybe this could be a starting point for cat quest 2?

Cat Quest features a stylized / cartoon aesthetic which emphasizes the pick up and play attitude of this game, it also keeps it’s presentation nice and crisp with no frame rate drops. The sound engineering is nothing to write home about, but it does it’s job of holding the experience together artistically.


“don’t believe that every boss will be as easy as this one”


Graphics and Presentation: 4

Sound: 4

Gameplay: 4

Total Score: 4/5

Cat Quest is not here to complete with AAA JRPGs and ARPGs, it’s a pickup and play title with some familiar mechanics behind it. Whilst some areas of the game can feel a little too familiar, Cat Quest is still entertaining and works purrfectly in short bursts (I’m so sorry…)

Platforms: Nintendo Switch (Reviewed), PlayStation 4, Steam, iOS

Release Date: 10/11/2017

Price: Β£9.99 (eShop)

Publisher: pQube

Developer: The Gentlebros

Review copy provided by Publisher.





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