Mental Health in Gaming – John (Ludacr0us)

It gives this writer immense pleasure to introduce one’s readers to an inspirational chap. John does a yearly 24-hour game-a-thon for various charities that have a deep connection to challenging and truly tragic times in his and his family’s lives.

He streams the annual event on his Twitch Channel by the name of Ludacr0us, this is his story in a special edition of ‘Mental Health in Gaming’. John / Ludacr0us has sent me some information regarding his struggles with mental health and how gaming has helped him overcome them. Rather than me structuring an interview around said info, this writer would rather quote this beautiful person and showcase the work he has done.

John started streaming back in 2015 when his Daughter was born, she unfortunately suffered from Jaundice in the womb. This led to a very tense and difficult 2 weeks in the BIBS Babies in Buscot special care unit. Thankfully, she’s doing great now! However, John wanted to give something back to the team who took care of his little girl to such a high standard.

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 22.04.29

Player One, Press Start

On the 1st September 2015, John decided to do his first 24 hour game-a-thon and raise money as well as awareness for BIBS. This would also lead John down the path of streaming content. It was a success, and lit a flame in Johns heart.

The following year, One of Johns best friends got in touch to tell him that his son had developed Hirschsprung’s Disease, (HD) is quite rare, with only 1 in 5000 people being affected. Whilst trying his best to support his close friend and his family, Johns Mental Health started to decline:

During this time I was suffering with diagnosed depression and I was really struggling myself, I had nothing to focus on and I was in a pretty bad state.. probably a large portion of it due to the stress of the journey I went on with my family, the fight to get my son diagnosed with Autism and then what we went through with my daughter.”

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 22.06.03

But John being John had to do something, this led him to his second fundraising 24 hour game-a-thon. The proceeds were to be donated to Bristol Children’s Hospital in honour of Reuben’s fight against HD. Again, the event was a success with John exceeding his target by 41%. Although this was great Therapy for John, he still needed a Mental Jump Start:

“Still needing some positive vibes and still not through the depression, I started Co-ordinating and arranging the 32 streamers / 102 hour ‘The Pond Charity Stream’

This was for the charity Anxiety Gaming (Twitter)

I have come across a lot of streamers on Twitch that talk openly about Mental Health, from all walks of life. So this charity really fit the bill, especially to kill some of my demons J – I have to say this got me through a real dark patch in my life”

Now that John had found his calling, he vowed not to do another 24-hour gaming stream as it was quite a feat to complete. However, tragedy stuck John’s wife’s cousin Kira’s family this year when 3-year-old Grace passed away. After seeing the positive charity events being arranged by #TeamGrace, john decided that he could also follow suite by running another 24-hour game-a-thon in Graces memory and for the Lily Foundation.

The foundation is trying to find a way to cure for Mitochondrial Disease. The story behind Team Grace is one of the biggest tragedies this reviewer has come across and needs to be heard.  #TeamGrace really need the gaming industries support and love this time around, here are the details:

Team Grace Just Giving Page

Johns (Ludacr0us) Twitch Page


 John: “To be honest whilst this kind of stuff is happening I won’t be stopping doing these any time soon and its definitely something I enjoy organising and has helped me a lot.”

 This writer would like to thank John for bringing his story to Reggie Reviews and to also thank him for being such an inspiration. One has written a lot regarding Mental Health in Gaming, but I think John is the best candidate so far for a Pro Gaming story in terms of Mental Illness. Please remember readers, it isn’t a game that causes Mental Health issues or addiction, It’s the issues behind the scenes that need attention. Never suffer in silence, speak out no matter how hard it is.


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