Brawlout Review – Super Smash Hit?

Developed by Angry Mob Games and Published physically by Head Up Games, Brawlout has the stones to try and take over the party beat-em-up throne of Super Smash Bros. Given that we all are more than aware of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, is Brawlout still worth a go 7 months after its initial release?

Whilst mirroring the majority of Super Smash bros control schemes, format and inclining damage percentages and weaknesses, Brawlout simply cannot replicate the majesty of Smash. Block mechanics are ditched in an effort to speed up game play and create a sense of urgency during fights.

A dodge mechanic has replaced the aforementioned which forces players to dip, dive duck and dodge their way through fights (Yes, Reggie Reviews loved Dodge ball too!) The fighting system itself is fast and responsive, this reviewer loved learning move sets and getting faster and faster with each match.


60 Frames Tapped Out

Brawlout mostly sits happily at a solid 60 frames per second which makes for some fluent and beautiful game play moments. However, the frame rate can drop out randomly from time to time. This causes unfair match losses which cannot be controlled by players.

The character roster is quite minimal in comparison to any other brawler, with less than 20 fighters available. It sounds like a fair number, however 1/3 of available fighters are mirroring other fighters move sets, including guest characters from other series’. Fighters are either fast and light hitting or slow and heavy hitting, there isn’t much opportunity for a meta game to develop in Brawlout.

If Angry Mob put as much time into character stats and designs as the loading screens did loading, then I’m sure Brawlout would be a much deeper experience. Much like the fast fighting mechanics, other intense moments include wondering whether Brawlout will load a game up before 2018 is out. Considering how light Brawlout is on content, it should not take nearly 3 minutes for a fight to load up.


Want a Fight? Next Week?

Brawlout does have a story mode of sorts, however, with a lack of variance between characters and levels this too falls short of expectations. It’s not unusual to see different characters delivering the same lines to opponents, It’s just a lazy approach to content. On the plus side, online play was a blast! The only issue is finding another player who has a decent internet connection, a few games suffered from random dropouts during this reviewer play through.

The Sound effects and engineering is a tight affair with special effects sounding realistic whilst matching the presentation of the title. The soundtrack is nothing to write home about, but serves it purpose as half decent background music whilst players try to boot each other off the screen. Graphically, the character models and levels are reasonably textured whilst maintaining a World of Warcraft / Cartoon design. The level designs are literally the same bar their aesthetic differences.



Graphics and Presentation: 2.5

Sound: 3

Game play: 3.5

Total Score: 3 / 5.0

Brawlout tries to match and raise the competition by mirroring tried and tested game play, however moves the genre a step backwards. Whilst Brawlout can be fun in the heat of the battle, its flaws outweigh its merits. Now that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is on the horizon, one can only imagine Brawlout fading into the forgotten realm of mediocre third party software. Hopefully it’s price point will help sway budget gamers. This reviewer is just thankful for the sake of Brawlout that is came out in Dec 17 and not Dec 18.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch (Reviewed) and PC

Release Date: 19/12/2017

Price: £17.99 (eShop)

Publisher: Head Up Games

Developer: Angry Mob Games

Pegi Rating: 7+

Review copy provided by publisher


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