Angels of Death review -Psychologically Unthrilling

Publisher Playism and Developer Kadokawa Dwango Corporations have utilised  RPG maker to create the psychological thriller ‘Angels of Death’. Whilst the title looks good on paper, has it managed to live up to expectations?


No. No it really doesn’t.

The main issue with Angels of Death is the lack of a compelling script. In order to engage ones’ audience through any form of entertainment through the majesty of Psychological Thriller, writers need to build heavily on character development. Angel of Deaths cast feels as 2D as the pixel art it’s presented in.

Whilst the protagonists back story does unravel slightly throughout, this reviewer felt more drawn to a security fence spike. What’s more, the protagonists desire for a terminal punishment for her actions is repeatedly vetoed with Angels of Deaths gameplay being based around escaping from serial killers.

March To The Kingdom of the Dead…

This reviewer feels that Angels of Death should have taken a route down slasher lane, this would have required next to no character development which would open the flood gates for fun gameplay experiences. Which brings this confused gamer to his next point, Angels of Death is a full ‘on-the-rails’ experience. It’s literally a D-Pad away from a point and click title, with all levels built with predefined routes to take whilst escaping.


Again, in a psychological thriller title, it beggars belief that players don’t have at least an alternative choice to throw a spanner in the narrative works. It would make so much sense to find a hidden area that provided just a drop of backstory for the current serial killer or protagonist, this could in turn provide an alternative escape route or reveal a weakness that could be exploited. But alas, players must move from A to B in a timely and organized manner.

Walking the Straight and Narrow

Movement feels like maneuvering a zig zagged corridor with Pringles tins for legs, in other words awkward. Using a D-Pad setup would be preferred for this reviewer, however the rest of the controller setup works well enough which is mostly used to interact with environments within the game. The level design itself isn’t exactly bad per say, just not suitable for what Angels of Death wants to achieve.

Environments are beautifully realized through the RPG maker engines pixel textures and character models, and are mapped out to the same standard. One likens the experience to trying to drive a Robin reliant with a frozen Pizza for a wheel. If the manufacturer provided the driver with a half decent steering wheel, perhaps the driver would have a more pleasurable experience.

As far as the audio engineering goes, it is completely forgettable and provides absolutely no immersion value. Most thrillers rely heavily on audio cues and ambient noise to help put their audiences on edge, a missed opportunity for Angels of Death. the fact that this comes across as an afterthought is about as tasteful as Jeremy Beadles matching pair of golf gloves (Rest in peace).



Graphics and Presentation: 3.5

Sound: 0.5

Gameplay: 1

Overall Score: 1.7/5.0

Angel of Deaths reach outweighs its grasp in almost every sense. Next to no character development, on the rails gameplay and poor audio development leads to all killer, no filler antagonists and content. It’s rare this reviewer goes on record with this, but just don’t and live a long and peaceful life.

Platforms: Nintendo Switch (Reviewed) and Steam

Release Date: 28/06/2018

Price: £11.29 (eShop)

Publisher: Playism


Pegi Rating: 12+

Review copy provided by publisher




  1. Interesting perspective given how many people have talked the game up. I will admit, your description here is more or less why I dropped the anime. I was just kind of bored with it. Part of me did think of maybe checking out the game but it doesn’t seem like that would greatly improve the experience. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I dropped at episode 4, but I’ve been told by other reviewers it got a bit better after that. I was going to check out a couple more episodes at some point, but it isn’t a high priority.


      2. The atmosphere in the first episode was great. I really wanted to like it. But progressive episodes just bored me more and more until I called my losses at episode 4.


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