Bomb Chicken review – Kentucky Fried Bombs

Developer Nitrome has produced a charming take on the classic platforming genre in ‘Bomb Chicken’. Instead of jumping onto ledges and monsters’ heads, bomb Chicken forces players to get hands on with their infinite bomb laying mechanic. Yes, the mutant Chicken protagonist lays infinite eggs. To be fair, Bomb Chicken is a chubby little chicken to make the whole birthing of bombs instead of eggs believable. This reviewer wouldn’t want this Chick around for his Sunday fry up that’s for sure.

Bomb Chicken explodes with its core gameplay elements straight off the bat by showing players within the first short level how to kick bombs, stack bombs to each areas and move around. The controls have 0 latency and are a pleasure, rather than just give players one button to lay a bomb, Nitrome have opted to map every usable button to dropping bombs. For example, this reviewer found it more natural to use RB to excrete a bomb. I’ll let that one sink in.

Like most 90’s platformers that Bomb Chickens aesthetics borrow from (One couldn’t get ‘Toejam and Earl’ out of his head?) this title sports a steep difficulty incline starting from level 3 on wards. This reviewer didn’t find the whole ordeal impossible, but younger gamers used to the current climate of more modern platformers may need to check their patience levels. One felt the sweet payoff of pulling off a difficult task time and time again, one highlight being timing a perfect jump down a shaft full of rotating saws.


Bombs for Hearts

Although Bomb Chicken doesn’t feature any upgradable Bombs or extra weapons, our protagonist has a chance to upgrade her health in between levels. This is executed by offering a certain amount of Blue Jewels collected in levels and a bomb, this trade off results in Bomb Chicken grabbing an extra life container. Whilst this won’t be possible after every level, it’s a fairly straight forward mechanic designed to give players a boost when they need it the most.

Bomb Chicken is hatched into a world which heavily satires an Aztec interpretation of KFC, an alternate fast food chain with it’s HQ atop of an Aztec Pyramid and overuse of a blue sauce. In fact, said blue sauce maybe the secret to Bomb Chickens power? This reviewer never likes to delve into a titles narrative too much, but Bomb Chicken is light on the ground in this department. This isn’t a criticism, gameplay has taken front seat for Nitromes latest outing.



The aforementioned aesthetics of Bomb Chicken scream Sega MegaDrive to me, with smooth character animations akin to the cult classic ‘ToeJam and Earl’ IP and the legendary ‘EarthWorm Jim’. Each character model has been lovingly created with a Chibi / Miniature characteristic attached. This reviewer could quite happily fill a shelf with Bomb Chicken plushes. The Pixel art textures again ring true to the genres golden age, which makes old timers such as this writer all warm inside. Needless to say, frame rates were not an issue during this reviewers playthrough.

The soundtrack also is a product of the inspired era, with crystal clear enemy reactions, bomb sound effects and cute jump sounds to complete the package. This reviewer was grateful for the high clarity sound, no 16 / 32 bit distortion was included, and that is absolutely fine!



Graphics and Presentation: 4

Sound: 4

Gameplay: 4

Overall Score: 4 / 5

Bomb Chicken is a complete package and stands its own ground in front of its 32 bit forefathers in its respective current generation. Punters will find a rewarding challenge in a fun yet simple mechanic across a well-designed landscape. Nitrome is a small indie developer that this reviewer will be keeping on his radar for sure!

Formats: Nintendo Switch (reviewed)
Price: £11.99
Publisher: Nitrome 
Developer: Nitrome
Release Date: 12/07/2018
Age Rating: PEGI 7+

Review copy provided by publisher


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