FIFA 19 review – A Birds Eye View

Well, the 28th of September brought us the much-anticipated FIFA 19 shining in full 4K glory on Xbox One X and other platforms. As the 26th installment to the series, there’s not much EA can get wrong considering each installment has outsold the last (pretty much).

FIFA 19 hasn’t really changed its super fluid controls, which is to be expected. The standard shoot/pass buttons have stayed the same, with the exception of an added timed shoot, which this reviewer doesn’t want to admit, but found this mechanic difficult to master.

One found no latency with the controls; they felt fluid, and very receptive. With added 4K awesomeness, it feels as thought the players move around the pitch like their real-life counter parts (without the dives, for better or for worse). Electronic Arts has really brought the whole experience to life, graphically for the most part this game is spot on with super smooth frame rates.


The OST for FIFA 19 is totally lacking, culminating in a blur of sound waves that provide some standard background noise at best, but that’s why we have a mute button. The soundtrack is made up of music, which is not to this reviewers taste, the whole sound track seems to blur into one.

Crowd Funded OST

The only thing that remotely rescues this is the crowd. Perfectly executed, FIFA forces players to feel the reality of a real football game in this regard, with authentic boos when you’re letting your side down. FIFA 19 is really easy to navigate given the array of different modes on display, this reviewer sat nicely on the border between hype and disarray.

EA have pushed the boat out with their licensing buff, presenting Champions league and Europa league branding this time around. This is one for the fan boys and girls given that we all just want our teams to win the real title one day. Whilst this adds nothing extra to the game its self, it’s a bit more satisfying than just winning the euro cup!

Getting down to the well-oiled mechanics of FIFA 19, this latest installment brings more depth to the playing field **Waits for a laugh**. The Manager option sets ‘goals’ for players to achieve depending on which difficulty one chooses. For example, buying a certain number of players under 20 or getting T-Shirt sales to a certain amount. The latter of which is easily achieved by buying in big name players.


Boss Eyed Bids

This along with the newly added cut scene for negotiation of players in the transfer window, this reviewer experienced an episode of immersion one had not felt in FIFA before. Each decision has a reaction, for example: while in negotiations as ones chosen manager, if this reviewer was to give a low-ball offer, one’s manager would just appear annoyed and state he had wasted his time and storm out. The whole experience gives one the feel they are in control and there will be consequences for players actions.

With that in hand, said Managers appear to have turned into some form of ethereal Crow puppet species, treating players as shiny trinkets for their nests rather than being cut from a human cloth. That judgement is purely on an visual basis, and it’s a trap most sports games / sims fall into.

The lack of personalisation for Manager characters is very disappointing, even more so with no option for a woman manager included (Come on EA its 2018). The only choice players get is pre-set faces, which was a disappointment to this reviewer. However, putting the freaky boss puppets aside, players can and will immerse themselves with the managerial aspect of the game.


Tactics and Formations

EA have really gone tactical, like secret OPS tactical. FIFA 19 contains a new feature which allows players to swap between standard, attack and defense formations as well as ultra-versions of the latter. FIFA 19 also allows players to completely tailor the teams’ formation, giving total control of the mechanics of the chosen teams’ formation.

This reviewer found playing around with this feature a highlight of my FIFA 19 play through, can my readers tell AmBear is an RPG nerd yet? So for example, if a player starts their match in a defensive formation but find themselves 2-0 in their favour, said player can flip through various formations. Picking attack/ultra-attack which will affect the players team movements and will ultimately take full advantage of the opposing team’s poor defense

FIFA 19 has also evolved and diversified its Alex Hunter story in its newest installment, one of the three choices is a female. This was a great choice to make given the male-orientated domination of the sport, this writer is pleased to note that Electronic Arts are officially evolving. A highlight for this reviewer was playing the Kim Hunter story, half-sister to Alex Hunter. Her journey is based around her dream to get into the woman’s world cup. Much like the other two narratives, your choices have a direct effect on the whole story line.


Verdict :

Graphics and presentation: 4.5

Sound: 4

Gameplay: 4.8

Overall score: 4.5/5.0

EA have really gone the extra mile for this year’s installment of FIFA, giving the title a bucket load of other things to do rather than just simply play Football and squander life savings on better players. FIFA 19 gives Football enthusiasts to play their way, and that’s just super. The OST may be lacking; however, the game defiantly makes up for that with its array of well-researched SFX and crowd effects. This reviewer would even recommend FIFA 19 to novice football fans and part time players given FIFA 19’s well placed controls and new in game features.

Formats: Xbox One X (Reviewed), PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC

Price: £59.99 (Microsoft Store)

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Electronic Arts

Release Date: 28/09/2018

Age Rating: PEGI 3+

Review copy provided by publisher



  1. Honestly I felt that this FIFA was the best FIFA that’s been released since FIFA 14. And with the end of “The Journey” mode, I wonder what EA shall provide us next year? Thanks for the review! You’ve convinced me to buy this! But one more thing, I’m a huge fan of player career mode, what are you opinions on that?


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