Pizza Titan Ultra review – There’s Awesome In My Pepperoni

'Pizza Titan Ultra' is a crazy outing straight from the start, but engaging and lighthearted from the outset. Players assume the role of the latest delivery boy/girl in a mobile pizzeria which happens to be a giant robot. If readers can envisage 'Pizza $yndicate' (aka 'Fast Food Tycoon') crossed with 'Blast Corps', they’d be on the same page as this reviewer.

Why these titles in particular? Well, Pizza $yndicates main mechanic is making Pizza and in Blast Corps, players control a giant Mech Vehicle hybrid smashing up buildings. Whilst the gameplay differs in parts, these aspects are ever present in Pizza Titan Ultra.

This reviewer has always been impressed by cell shaded style games, whether they be fully fleshed out AAA titles, smaller outings or titles that just take a pinch of the cell shaded look. Pizza Titan Ultra is no exception, it is beautifully rendered in its cartoon world, and nothing looks out of place.

screenshot 2

Pizza Titan Ultra opens with players opening their own pizza business and being introduced to several characters, who all sound as if they live in the same world as ‘Banjo Kazooie’. Due to the titles comic book / cell shaded aesthetic, whimsical names such as ‘Ross Roberts’ are forgiven. But let’s be honest gamers, this is merely another take on ‘Bob Ross’. Yes, Reggie Reviews also partakes in fan service references!

Smash a Pizza, Smash a House!

Pizza Titan Ultras first mission is a solid introduction / tutorial effort in learning how to control the Ultra Mech. Honestly, it’s quite easy to get carried away smashing up buildings and collecting the titles in-game floating currency. With that being said; the players main aim will be to learn how to deliver pizza.

With that aim in mind post intro, players can begin to invest in Pizza Titan Ultras 32 missions via 7 locations. Each mission contains key objectives such as delivering as many pizzas as possible, or pulling double duty destroying buildings for a project developer whilst delivering pizzas to give players time bonuses. Like any good pseudo platformer, missions contain collectibles such as 5 ingredients, aforementioned money and extra time. Imagine ‘Crazy Taxi’ but through the majesty of a mech driving pizza delivery Jane Doe.

screenshot 1

Ingredients earn points during final scores whilst money allows players to access more missions or to customize their Ultra Mech, unfortunately this is mostly for cosmetic purposes. The time collectible is naturally used to increase the available time for said mission, of which increases upon the safe delivery of a pie. Oh, and deliveries count when Ultra Mechs smash down a living room wall too, which one found subjective at best. This reviewer assumes the Pizza is actually that good!

Pizza W****r

Whilst exploring the primary coloured map, NPCs may wish to order an overly expensive Pizza which triggers a mini game of sorts. This comically consists of placing ingredients in circles, cooking the Italian pancake by tapping the A button and finally slicing that bad boy along pre-defined lines. Players should note that nailing the final step ensures top payouts from Pizza snobs!

Each mission comes with a side of enemy vehicles to take out (punning hell fire!) in the form of little tanks or choppers that resemble certain decepticons. Considering that Pizza Titan Ultra is littered with checkpoints and health stations, ignoring enemies will soon whittle down the most dedicated Ultra Mechs health bar. Health stations also serve as a selection point for the players Ultra Mech unique power move, but this reviewer won’t spoil all of the fun!

screenshot 3

The OST for Pizza Titan Ultra is a well-orchestrated endeavor which showcases an appreciation of a catchy main theme and subsequent in-level soundtrack. A lot of titles fall into the repetition of uncomfortable notes and ABC bridges, but it’s safe to say that Pizza Titan Ultra needs to be played without the addition of a players favourite Spotify playlist.


Graphics and presentation – 4

Sound – 4

Game-play – 4

Overall Score: 4 / 5

Pizza Titan Ultra should not be missed! This title is a quick, easy to learn – difficult to master affair that never takes itself too seriously. Bar the initial introduction, the rails are down and hand holding is barred with a fair difficulty curve. Whilst repetitive missions become more apparent a couple of hours in, players need to understand that this is a game about making and delivering Pizzas in a f*****g Mech. That’s the main objective, everything else is optional. Although, one would love some post launch DLC allowing players to punch Pizza Snobs in the face. Just me?

Formats: Xbox One X, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam
Price: £9.99 (Microsoft Store)
Publisher: Breakfall
Developer: Breakfall

Release Date: 19/10/2018 Nintendo Switch, Out now on all other Platforms

Pegi Rating: 12+

Review copy provided by publisher




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