Tyler Model 005 review -Just Gimme The Light

**Reggie Reviews does not condone Sean Paul being an artist in anyway shape or form, we just ran out of puns** Tyler Model 005 is the product of the small UK based Indie outfit Reversed Interactive. Set in 1955, Tyler Model 005 borrows from the Horror culture that was brooding within B-Line cinema at the time with of our Protagonist being brought to life by a bolt of lightning. Frankenstein style for the uninitiated.

The main quest is based on Tyler (Our Protagonist) hopping between sources of light to charge his battery, introducing a resource management mechanic from the outset. Firstly, players will come across groups of spiders which are to be exterminated by the press of a shoulder button to kill the little blighters.

This exposes players to their first combo card which are collectible on the way through Tyler Model 005’s levels. Combo cards can be used to upgrade Speed, Light, Agility, Exploration, Power and your own blade in the portals situated in various places.


Potato Controls

Basic movement mechanics are present in this platformer such as Jump, Roll and Use Weapon which are mapped to front facing buttons as is tradition. Shoulder buttons LT roundhouse kick and RT is punch. The controls can be quite awkward when jumping from one area to another, creating a hit and miss aesthetic which decides whether players will jump in the right direction or make the jump at all. Slightly more attention to accurate level design could have helped this major flaw in this reviewer’s opinion.

The player and their protagonist will get access to cherry bomb’s later in Tyler Model 005 that can be used to blow up various objects in various situations. Also, this reviewer is pretty sure there was a sweet in the 80s called cherry bomb, maybe it was a drink….

Anyway back to the game

after the initial tutorial, Tyler the robot will have to escape a more or less pitch black basement which can initially be very frustrating with little to no light to recharge poor T. This reviewer doesn’t mind saying on the record that it was a struggle to get past.

Going back to the aforementioned power management mechanic, once Tyler steps out of a light source his power bar will deplete. Tyler Model 005 offers players’ batteries as pickups to help navigate the darker corners of the game. The Power bar is also used to zap enemy bugs which adds a secondary element to the titles core mechanic.

Tyler Model 005 will take a maximum of four hours to conquer judging from ones play through, but can be a bit of a chore. This is magnified with the bugs and flaws in this game where players can be punching a spider numerous times and it will not die because the collision detection is so poor. It is also worth noting that this gamer experienced load screens of up to 30 seconds on a low demand title on an Xbox One X.

The graphics are quite quaint, bringing back fond memories of the ‘Ratchet and Clank’ series, albeit the PlayStation 3 era. The lighting effects in Tyler Model 005 are particularly good to say that is the main premise of staying in the light.


“Stay in the light” Bloody Carol-Anne…

Tyler Model 005 suffers from a series of dreary, dingy and bland graphics set mostly in basements and other rooms occasionally. Whilst this reviewer understands that’s what the overall feel is to emphasise the power management mechanics, a bit of variation would have been nice. Maybe a few white noise TV’s here and there?

The Original Soundtrack is a backdrop of repeating raindrops to dress up sneaking through a haunted house. Whilst one understands the concept of atmosphere building, it is again quite bland. And no, the occasional Thunderbolts don’t mix up the immersion, it’s just plain irritating.


Graphics and presentation: 2

Sound: 2

Gameplay: 2

Overall score: 2

From the Jittery start of loading screens, to falling to one’s death numerous times due to potato like movement controls; Tyler Model 005 is a title that reaches beyond its grasp in almost every area. This reviewer is still trying to decide what’s worse, the wooden voice acting or long loading screens. Tyler Model 005 is riddled with bugs, which is a crying shame because Tyler is quite cute, but is let down by the sheer annoyance of the gameplay. If an update lands to fix the bugs, then maybe it is worth a try if discounted.


Formats: Xbox One X (Reviewed), PlayStation 4 , Steam

Price: £7.99 (Microsoft Store)

Publisher: Maximus Games

Developer: Reversed Interactive

Release Date: 21/08/2018

Review written by guest writer RikG3ster


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