WWE 2K19 review – Let’s Rassle!

Phenomenal is not only a way to describe current superstar and current front cover wrestler ‘AJ Styles’, but also a great summary of 2K’s latest outing with its WWE IP. This particular 2K license has been rebuilt from the ground up to cater to its fans by adding back in superstar showcase, a brand spanking new career mode and the new addition of 2k towers!

Gameplay has been developed to make matches more realistic and fun by allowing said realism to bleed into movement mapping and motion capture. This ensures wrestler reactions are correctly timed and moves are executed to perfection!

With the re-addition of title matches, this allows players to enter into structures such as the now legendary steel cage. This feature has also received an overhaul of sort by allowing more realistic on cage grapples and moves! Are any of our readers beginning to see a theme in WWE 2K19?


Career Model

This year’s career mode gives a whole new spin to the series, allowing for true wrestling fans to experience the struggle that wrestlers go through before making it to the big leagues! This is done by starting off in the indie scenes in school halls wrestling for BCW and earning your way to the big time in WWE, with the obligatory knock back before finally invading the company!

With yet another added dimension of realism thrown into the mix along with backstage interactions, it allows for players to dive into the storyline like way back When. This reviewer was reminded instantly of ‘Smackdown: here comes the pain’ without the painful movement mechanics. One felt like this was a much-needed addition to the genres narrative aspects over generic storylines such as ‘Road to Wrestle Mania’.

The success of the game also comes from all time fan favourite and ultimate underdog Daniel Brian’s 2K showcase which has been re-added into the game due to the hype surrounding the showcase game mode in previous games (Which was missing from WWE 2K18). Players can gain the experience of how Daniel Brian went from bingo halls to his first stint fighting John Cena in his foundation years with WWE.


Should’ve Cena That Commin’

As some readers may know, he missed out on the chance to stay. However, Daniel Brain then returned and became one of the WWE’s best and future hall of famer! Although this Arc misses out on certain main rivalries in his career due to the terms of others leaving the company, this storyline is one for fans to dive into as it’s a must for any Brian fan!

After finishing career mode there is the all new 2K Tower where players can give their created superstar the chance to continue on to become a Hall of famer instead of being left behind. Players compete in different matches to make it to the top of the tower. This reviewer played the AJ Styles route and thoroughly enjoyed the matches and challenges throughout.


The graphics to the game is second to none and work extremely well in 4K. There is definitely a want for more when players put the game down with the great response time for controlling and reversing grapples. Almost all of the wrestlers look like their real life counterparts, proving 2K Games have gone above and beyond to ensure a surreal yet well-grounded experience when playing.

Do I Amuse You?

The only thing this reviewer would like to see is the addition of facial recognition, so players could actually play as themselves in the game rather than having to create a generic superstar. But not body recognition, By McMann that should never be a possibility!

The soundtrack is very fitting with previous Wrestle Mania songs alongside other pay per view songs being among the list. Sticking with the audio, the commentary has had a major boost from previous years with the help of Cody Graves who has made the commentary a key part of the game thanks to his interaction about superstars and laying into Byron Saxton, it’s like watching the real thing! The fans are realistic in booing certain face superstars such as Roman Reigns and cheering for certain heels such as Samoa Joe.



Graphics: 8

Presentation: 7.5

Soundtrack: 8

Game play: 8

Overall Score: 7.9 / 10

Overall this reviewer found that the game was absolutely glorious! The new focus on career mode along with the return of the showcase ensures this is the best WWE game in the 2k series! The in-game graphics, move reactions and life like superstars ensure an ease of play for any gamer. But for the hardcore WWE fan, it gives a feel of freshness and excitement to want to know what will come next!

Formats: PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One and Steam

Price: £54.99 (PlayStation Store)

Publisher: 2K Games

Developer: 2K Games

Release Date: 09/10/2018




  1. I was surprised to see they brought in the Velocity arena. It would’ve been nice if they had kept the Raw and Smackdown 2016 arenas. I’m not a fan of the new logos. Overall good game so far. I need to try out career mode and showcase.


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