Luigis Mansion 3DS review – A Ghost Of The Original

In true Nintendo fashion, the trend of re-releasing legacy titles continue with ‘Luigi’s Mansion 3DS’. What many didn’t predict was the cult classic being ported to the 3DS family of systems rather than the flagship Nintendo Switch. That being said, Luigi’s Mansion has received a new lick of paint and some updates visuals in parts.

A lot of fellow gamers find Luigi’s Mansion over rated for its lack on content compared to Luigi’s brother, what was his name again? The key thing to remember about Luigi’s Mansion is that it wasn’t released to put a new spin on the Mario franchise or be the new 3D Mario title. Luigi’s Mansion was a showcase for the capabilities of the Nintendo GameCube on it’s release date back in November 2001, along with Nintendo making a statement.


Stating a Point

This statement was quite clear at the time, Mario isn’t the be all and end all for the gaming giant. Whilst this review won’t retread trodden ground with a description of gameplay, narrrative and mechanics, it will identify whether Luigi’s Mansion 3DS is worth ponying up for. And most importantly, how relevant is this release at the end of the 3DS life span?

As previously mentioned, fans of the original GameCube release will be happy to learn about it’s updated character models and a scrub up in clarity. Although the transparency effects have been taken out for Boos, fan boys will be happy to hear about the permanent fixed map on the 3DS bottom screen. That should help us find Mario quicker right?


Jealous Sibling Multiplayer

Whilst the co-op mode requires two cartridges in order to have a true roam around the infamous haunted mansion, single cart mode does offer training and gallery modes. Training is self explanatory, gallery mode allows players 1 and 2 to re-fright the various ghouls Luigi has captured. It’s a cop out, but it’s better than nothing. The 2 cart co-op is where it’s at, having player 2 appear as something that resembles Nickelodeon slime, players can now tag team the halls and rooms of the mounted mansion.

That’s if both players are rocking a New 3DS or New 2DS, as the C stick is used to control the aim of the torch and other essentials. It’s quite possibly the worst controller decision Nintendo has ever made, it’s practically a insensitive pencil rubber. A circle pad pro could also be used which is a much better option. On the opposite side of the coin, serveral hardware refreshes in, this should NOT be an issue.

There are other interesting features such as being able to use 4 Mario themed amiibo for health boosts etc and a harder post-game mode, but ultimately it’s a lazy port. The soundtrack, although iconic in some areas, has remained untouched. Nintendo must have been seriously relying on the existing fan base to scoop this one up.


Verdict :


Presentation: 7

Graphics: 8

Gameplay: 4

Sound: 7


Overall Score: 6.5 / 10


Luigi’s Mansion will always have a special cult following for the nostalgia and genuine love of the games quirks, but this is no ‘Ocarina’ or ‘Majora’s Mask3DS remake. The controls on this glorified port are so much worse than it’s GameCube outing, which originally showcased it’s new dual stick design with the introduction of the C Stick. This is reflected in the Gameplay score.

The review score reflects my impressions of Luigi’s Mansion 3DS, it is in no way a reflection of the original titles charm, narrative and mechanics. For newcomers to this title, I would highly recommend the GameCube version.


Formats: Nintendo 3DS (Reviewed)
Price: £34.99
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Release Date: 19/10/2018
Pegi Rating: 7+

Review copy provided by publisher



    1. It’s crazy Matt! I don’t understand how Nintendo wanted this to go down when they ‘Remastered’ a cult classic on now legacy hardware. This would have gone down like a nice glass of Scotch on Switch, even if it was just an eShop release.

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