Farming Simulator 2019 review – It Just Cropped Up!

The Farming Simulator series has been something of a phenomenon in recent years, and has ultimately proven to be very popular despite being a niche genre. After all, it’s not often you will hear another gamer say “I fancy a bit of farming right now" and this is something I may well end up saying at some point in the near future. The latest title in the series, Farming Simulator 19 arrived for review and I couldn’t have been happier to jump in a tractor, plough some fields, and just enjoy the scenery whilst my crops grew ready for harvesting. Let’s find out what the fuss is all about.

I have only played one title in the series before this game, and that was ‘Farming Simulator 15‘ using the excellent Game Pass when it first became available. I’ve no idea why I wanted to give it a go, but I felt the urge to assume the role of a farmer. Maybe it was because my Grandfather was a farmer in his youth back in the 1930’s, and this residual skill has somehow been passed down to me. Nevertheless, I installed the new game just before release and dived head first into Giants Software newest offering with gusto.

Don’t Dive On The Crops!

One thing I noticed immediately upon entering was the improved graphics when compared to the last time I was Farming to my hearts content. There’s still only a pair of maps available, with ‘Ravenport’ and ‘Felsbrunn’ being the names of the locations to choose from. But everything looks sharper and smoother on a visual standpoint which means it’s a more attractive prospect for those who hold graphics in higher regard than those who want gameplay to take precedent.


The controls have been tightened up somewhat too, and the loose feeling I got when playing the previous game have gone. It feels as though some weight has been added to your farmer to make it feel just right in my opinion, and this makes for a more satisfying experience.

Grindin’ and Farmin’

The maps are massive, and there’s plenty going on in them, with plenty of places to explore and obviously farm land on which you get to grow your crops. Naturally you won’t start with much money at your disposal, but it’s enough to put has several pieces of agricultural equipment to get the hay bale rolling, and even employ some helpers to make your job easier should you wish to delegate rather than get your hands dirty.

You won’t be left to just do whatever you feel though, unless that’s what you really want to do, as there are NPC’s you can interact with in the menu screen where I was able to accept a mission for a reward. These are worth completing for the monetary rewards, as purchasing new equipment is vital for expanding the farming empire I was attempting to grow.


Given we have seen a regular release schedule for the ‘Farming Simulator’ series, it’s obviously a financially successful enough venture for the developer to continue making these games, and even though it may not be up everyone’s street, it’s certainly worth paying attention to, as I have been able to invest more time than expected into it. It’s a lot more addictive than I expected and I’m sure many people would agree after giving it a chance.

Judgement Day… For Farming Equipment…

There is a huge selection of farm machinery to purchase from the in-game shop, and all at a reasonable price. And if you want to expand your land and generate even more cash, then purchasing new machinery is the way forward. As mentioned earlier,  I was able to employ farm hands to assist in my endeavors of becoming a farming magnate.

I found that it is a slow process as far as game progression goes, but farming in the real world isn’t something that gets rushed, so at least that’s true to real life. However, the satisfaction I got from watching my hard come coke to fruition was one of the more rewarding feelings I’ve received from gaming. A strange thing for me to think let alone admit is something that will stick with me for some time.



Graphics: 7

Presentation: 8

Sound: 6

Gameplay: 7

Overall Score 7/10

To wrap this up, Farming Simulator 19 has been an enjoyable and relaxed experience, with enough content to keep any budding farmer busy for many hours to come. It may not be to everyone’s taste, and it certainly won’t be a fast paced game, but if taking your time and just allowing everything to progress at it’s own pace is what you’re after, then it’s a must buy title.

Format: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam

Price: £39.99

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Developer: Giants Software

Release Date: 20/11/2018

Pegi Rating: 3+

Review Copy Provided By Publisher



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