Hardware review: SnakeByte Targets Handheld Gamers

Reggie Reviews thinks Christmas is the best holiday of the year. Dropping all current diet trends and drinking restrictions along with indulging loved ones with useless crap is the highlight of this writers year.

That probably wasn’t the best to way to open an article regarding the Nintendo Switch accessories the lovely PR team @ Little Big PR have sent in for our consideration, but we digress!

First on our wish list is… The SnakeByte Tough Case for Nintendo Switch:


Featuring a hard yet malleable plastic hybrid shell that handheld enthusiasts will love, SnakeBytes A* effort is also discreet enough to fit into most Switch carry cases without the need to take out of the case. Unfortunately, it isn’t discreet enough for it to still fit into the Switch’s dock.img_20181126_144419.jpg

That being said, this product is for the commuter and the old school Game Boy, Nintendo DS crowd, the ressesses and extrusions situated at the back of the joy cons alleviate any hand cramp that was usually suffered in vanilla handheld mode.


The TouchKit set also comes with a set of easy to install thumb grips (Simply turn inside out) and a gorilla glass screen protector which is also very easy to install when compared to film / plastic alternatives on the market right now.


The only Negative point I would raise about the shell is its lack of a kick stand. This is however a product aimed at a purely handheld audience, which means this isn’t a massive issue. Come to think of it, the case would pretty silly with no joy cons attached?


Long story short, for under £15 on Amazon, Nintendo Switch enthusiasts are getting a robust case, thumb grips, a gorilla glass screen protector and a snazzy little cartridge holder. That is a serious stocking filler that Reggie Reviews would happily recommend to all his readers:


Overall Score: 10/10 (Did I really just use snazzy?)


Next up on our SnakeByte feature is their Nintendo Switch Headset: The Headset S:


Once again, SnakeByte show that’s it’s possible to make budget accessories without compromising build quality and features. Coming in at £17.99 currently on Amazon, the HeadSet S is again aimed at the handheld gamer.


Featuring a neat fold away design, volume controlled jack lead, jack extension lead for docked gaming and a detachable Microphone, this is a no brainer to recommend to readers.


The sound quality is not to be snuffed at for the price tag, featuring a lovely mid scoop with bass to back it up. People often focus on bass rather that clarity in a set of headphones, and this issue can be found in other budget ‘Over Head’ headphones.

I have a set of Sony ‘Bins’ that that an RRP at the time of £39.99 which fall into the very same trap. The Headset S finds a lovely balance in between the three sound soundwave factors,  delivering majestic sound via the comfort of two well padded headphones, held together by a rugged arc this isn’t just any set of headphones… these are M&S headphones….).img_20181126_143948.jpg

Whilst not being on the receiving end of the mic, it did the job chatting online via the Nintendo Switch app. Everyone made me out just fine, which is a bonus in a microphone. It’s also detachable as previously mentioned, so players don’t have to look like t**ts in public.


Overall Score: 10/10 

So what did we learn today readers? Well, firstly SnakeByte products are of great quality but lack the premium price tag. Surely that’s a true first in the industry? Reggie Reviews will be checking out more hardware and accessories in the build up to Christmas, keep it here!




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