Freedom Planet review – Super Sonic Goals

‘Freedom Planet’ is one of those games that can be considered a clone of a very well known game. However, it stands on it’s own two feet and has every right to be considered it’s own game in a similar genre. Many aspects of Freedom Planet feel like the Megadrives ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’, and in some ways, it feels better!

This reviewer also loves titles that are made by a single developer, then brought into the limelight by a forward thinking publisher. Freedom Planet is the love child of Stephen DiDuro, an American game designer and programmer. Originally intended to be a ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ fan title, the then in development Freedom Planet gained the rights to use three main characters from the much loved platforming franchise. Unfortunately this idea was later scrapped in favour of an original title, this along with the previously laid gameplay mechanics and controls would become the blueprint for Freedom Planet.


The Spiritual Successor of 2D Sonic?

Players can choose from three game modes:

Adventure Mode: Treats players to various cut-scenes and Freedoms Planets narrative elements.

Classic Mode: A perfect Post-Game mode, allowing players to experience previously completed levels without the added extras featured in Adventure Mode.

Time Attack Mode: Timed runs of various stages, complete with obstacles to smash through with the intent of slowing players down.

When initiating Adventure Mode, players can choose 2 of the 3 characters available:

Lilac: Featuring flying abilities (However, they are difficult to pull off)

Carol: In a nutshell, she’s Knuckles from ‘Sonic 3’. She’s also this reviewers favourite protagonist.

Milla: Defensive based, however uses flying abilities to her advantage.


Choose Your Fighter… I Mean Protagonist!

This reviewer chose Carol for his adventure play through, play testing Milla and Lilac yielded quite the lax platforming experience. For all the defensive worth (or lack of) of Milla, they leave much to be desired. Carol can glide, roll, ride a motorbike up walls and wall jump like a bad ass as well and kicking enemies to death. Her special ability is similar to Chun Li’s kick and does a decent amount of damage to enemies. Perhaps a protagonist re-balance is in order?

Unlike early Sonic games, a health bar is present that’s represented by red leaves. These healthy leaves are scattered all over Freedom Planets levels, as are energy crystals which can be used to charge a protagonists ability meter. Whilst the collection mechanic is similar to collecting rings in the Sonic franchise, damage doesn’t cause a loss of energy.

Players will also find lives in levels by freeing certain caged animals, collecting crystals, several types of shields to collect and even an invincible power up. Sound familiar readers?


No No, No No No No. There’s No Limits!

Freedom Planets levels are quite long, that being said their isn’t a time limit for level completion. Exploration works in the players favour in this regard, with various collectibles to be found which unlock extra content such as concept art.

The OST in Freedom Planet is pretty good, it’s nice to listen to none of those annoying tracks that are on loop in most games. Visually, Freedom Planet fits right into the lineup of Genesis / Mega Drive platformers of old. Whilst it doesn’t benefit from HD scaling such as newer 2D platformers, the aesthetic of Freedom Planet makes it even more special.



Graphics: 8.5
Presentation: 7
Gameplay: 9
Sound: 8

Overall Score: 8.1 / 10

As someone who loves retro games, Freedom Planet stood out with this reviewer, really happy one review it. Freedom Planet 2 is due out next year which one is now hyped for, This retro gamer is thoroughly impressed with the game overall. Freedom Planet presented really well and the controls are pretty much perfect. It’s hard to find games this fun these days, but it’s always nice when one does! This reviewers advice? Go to the eShop and buy it, RIGHT NOW!

Formats: Steam, PlayStation 4, Wii U and Nintendo Switch (Reviewed)
Publisher: Marvelous (XSEED)
Developer: Galaxy Trail
Release Date: 30/10/18 (Nintendo Switch Version)
Pegi Rating: 12+

Review copy provided by publisher


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