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Nickelodeon, a cartoon channel for kids both old and young, has seen its fair share of video game tie-ins over the years, and now Nickelodeon Kart Racers drifts onto console, hoping to take pole position. Will it be worth the outlay? Let’s find out.

With just 10 characters to choose from, and each with their own unique vehicles to accompany them, Nickelodeon Kart Racers does make up for this shortfall with a massive selection of tracks to choose from for you to race, drift and hurl weapons around in Free Play or Grand Prix modes. Unfortunately, the characters are not voiced in any way and even something would have been better than mute opponents. Its no Mario Kart bearer, but when the bar is set that high, it becomes a tough call to try and beat it. Saying that, it works in a similar way, in that you have to win said race and win by any means necessary. So all is not lost.


Fan Service Mario Kart

Tracks are varied, with weapon drops scattered about for you to fight over, and coins that allow you to purchase upgrades from the in-game shop. These are quite pricey, so make sure to collect as many as you can before heading over to upgrade your karts. The game is full of bright colours and will definitely appeal to the younger generation or fans of said cartoons. Which is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rugrats and Spongebob to name them.

The visuals arent the best, and it could well pass for an Xbox 360 release rather than the current generation platform it has actually been released on. But that aside, its downright fun to play, especially if you have another person or three to join in the fun in team battles or solo racing. The controls are simple to learn and this is a bonus as it meant I could let my kids join me in my quest to find out what makes this a fun game to waste some time on, and needless to say, it was a great laugh. Even adults would be able to find this enjoyable if you can look past the below par graphics, but I do believe that youd have to be a fan of certain series to appreciate it.


A Pricey Nostalgia Ride?

Now, I have to bring up the asking price of just over £30 of your money. Is it worth it? Im going to have to side with no here. Not only is the graphical quality low, but the lack of an expansive cast and even any voiced parts drop the score a wee bit here, and yes theres time constraints to consider, but this is a Kart Racer and a wider selection would be beneficial. Not that theres much in the way of differences between racers as they just look different from one another, and therefore provide no personality to themselves.

So with the negatives out of the way, some positives to take from this review of mine. First point is the controls. Responsive, and easy to master. Just accelerate, drift and fire your weapons is all youll need to learn and thats what will happen on your first race of the game. Achievement hunters will rejoice as theres little challenge here, even on the toughest difficulty. A lot of these achievements will unlock naturally and early on. With some grind ahead to purchase all vehicle components. Its also a quick installation as well, and offers quick loading times. The audio is a generic soundtrack that seems to have just been thrown in to give you something to listen too, and while its not terrible, it also doesnt do anything for me.



Graphics: 1

Presentation: 2

Sound: 2

Gameplay: 3

Overall Score : 2 / 10

To wrap up, Nickelodeon Kart Racers is aimed at the kids, and mine can vouch for that, as theyve thoroughly enjoyed the game not having to critique it in any way. Im glad they enjoy it more than I have, and if you have to play it with your kids, it will become fun. But solo just shows that the game doesnt possess character, or any real reason for you to think Mario Kart has a competitor. It doesnt. For what its worth, its not that bad that youd want to throw it away. But do keep in mind what demographic that its being marketed towards.

Format: PS4, Nintendo Switch & Xbox One (reviewed)

Price: £31.99

Publisher: Game Mill Entertainment

Developer: Bamtang

Release Date: 23/10/2018

Pegi Rating: 3+


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