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Reggie’s eShop Stocking Fillers and Killers | Part Two

With 2018 serving as a proving ground for the Nintendo Switch’s longevity, Nintendo’s flagship has more than made everyone aware that it’s not a gimmick and Nintendo are back. Best of all, they couldn’t care less what everyone else is doing!

With being the new ‘Cool Kid’ in the so-called console war (Is that still a thing?), I decided to provide my readers with a short series of Christmas articles detailing what do stuff and what to chuck when it comes to some of this year’s eShops stocking fillers.

I will be foregoing our usual scoring system for this series in favour of a short and sweet mini-review for the titles involved. And also I want people to read it all…

Readers here is part Two of Reggie’s eShop Stocking Fillers and Stocking Killers:

Pool Panic.

In true Adult Swim fashion, Pool Panic puts a ridiculous spin on the much-loved Pool formula in. Featuring an awkwardly designed Cue ball protagonist, Pool Panic brings an open-world formula to the pool table.

Unlike the recent cult hit ‘Golf Story’, Pool Panic gives players’ various puzzles to complete in what can only be described as an acid-induced trip. Whilst the single players’ 100 level offering can get old towards the end, Multiplayer mode saves the day by providing the oddest night in with friends’ gamers would have experienced for a while.

Developed by Adult Swim
PEGI: 3+

Code of Princess EX

It’s always great to see a well done remaster from the 3DS to Nintendo’s Flagship, but that doesn’t always cure the titles original ailments. Code of Princess is a Hack n’ Slash / RPG Mashup which instantly greets players with fluid gameplay, but its repetitive nature wears thin a couple of hours in when going solo.

Multiplayer manages to help out the overall experience of Code of Princess EX a la ‘Streets of Rage’, and the overpowered move sets are a joy to execute. However, a more varied selection of fist stunts and character variety would have been most welcome. Although it’s a costly stocking filler, it’s one to check out. Especially is players have some gold coins saved up on the eShop.

Developed by Nicalis Inc.
PEGI 12+

The Inner World / The Inner World: The Last Wind Monk

Sporting a wealth of lore and in-game levels through the majesty of a point and click adventure, The Inner World and its successor The Last Wind Monk suffers many presentational drawbacks that worsen during its cursed cutscenes.

Whilst a curious art style and half decent gameplay mechanics are on display, the series positives are shelved by the poor presentation it displays. Coupling this with an inefficient menu system and slow text dialogue rollouts, this series would be an ideal lump of coal for that naughty kid on one’s list.

Developed by Headup Games
£9.99 and £11.99 respectively
PEGI 12+

1979 Revolution: Black Friday

1979 Revolution holds a compelling narrative which holds many lessons for its players and displays a unique view on Revolution and its trials and tribulations. Whilst I was surprised by the games seldom slow frame rate and performance issues in parts, the narrative still compels players to carry on.

With a clear inspiration from various Tell-tale Titles, this title holds character development and graphical quality to a high regard. But again, the presentation of 1979 Revolution: Black Friday somewhat muddies the titles subject matter. I really wished that performance would have been managed better for this port, however, it’s still worth picking up for a key piece of history.

Developed by Digerati Distribution
PEGI 18+


The idea of Survival Game meets TCG makes me shiver to the bone, which made the title of Frost ring true. Personally, survival games aren’t for me, but I’m partial to a well-made TCG. Frost somewhat strikes a balance between the two, but in the end feels a tad hollow and harsh.

Whilst trying to manage the effects of frostbite, Frost focuses on survival as opposed to offensive card battles which are a great spin on the TCG genre. This isn’t going to be a game that the majority of players will enjoy due to its slow pace and emphasis on outlasting various opponents. If this is a stocking filler for a fan of both genres, this might be the perfect stocking filler!

Developed by Digerati Distribution

Wasteland 2: Directors Cut

Upset about the release of Fallout 76? Let’s not go there. The original Post-apocalyptic RPG makes a comeback in style in Wasteland 2 on Switch. Without Wasteland, maybe Fallout wouldn’t be the popular franchise it is today? With an immersive storyline, around 100 hours’ worth of content along with world building cowboys with the biggest arsenal this side of the mushroom cloud, this is a safe bet for hardcore Fallout fans this Christmas.

It’s worth noting that the Switch port has been somewhat rushed out of the door optimisation of the Nintendo Switch controller options. It’s not that they are necessarily bad, they function well. The issue is for PC players who know how well Wasteland 2 plays with a keyboard and mouse setup. Maybe the menu system and control mapping could have somewhat compensated for this a la ‘Diablo III’. With that being said, it’s a necessary eShop purchase this Christmas.

Developed by inXile Entertainment
PEGI 18+


The problem is, I will absolutely lose my marbles at the mention of arena shooters and other games likeness to my seductive mistresses ‘Unreal Tournament’ and ‘Quake’. When I started to notice small similarities to the genre during my playthrough, ‘PolyGod’ hooked me with it’s procedurally generated gameplay.
However, like a big chunk of Switch ports, developer ‘Krafted Games’ didn’t put much effort into translating an ideal mouse and keyboard setup. Once again, a decent indie FPS has let down by its lack of effort when it comes to a control scheme.

Developed by Krafted Games

Part Three of Reggies Stocking Fillers and Killers coming to a chimney near you…

If you don’t have a chimney breast with it being 2018, just keep an eye on our social media and Reggie Reviews instead!


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