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Reggie’s eShop Stocking Fillers and Killers | Part Three

With 2018 serving as a proving ground for the Nintendo Switch’s longevity, Nintendo’s flagship has more than made everyone aware that it’s not a gimmick and Nintendo are back. Best of all, they couldn’t care less what everyone else is doing!

With being the new ‘Cool Kid’ in the so-called console war (Is that still a thing?), I decided to provide my readers with a short series of Christmas articles detailing what do stuff and what to chuck when it comes to some of this year’s eShops stocking fillers.

I will be foregoing our usual scoring system for this series in favour of a short and sweet mini-review for the titles involved. And also I want people to read it all…

Readers here is part Three of Reggie’s eShop Stocking Fillers and Stocking Killers:

Manual Samuel

So, what’s Christmas without a good reference to Death and knowing how lucky we all are, right? NO!? Well, Manuel Samuel is a queer reminder of how thankful we should all be for automation of our bodily functions. Whilst players won’t have the chance to force their protagonist to defecate themselves, players are responsible for controlling every one of Samuels movements.

Imagine a more awkward form of puppetry, except players’ are controlling a reanimated dead person who has fallen from riches down to rags. Whilst this mechanic sounds like a living ball ache, it’s actually an addictive title once players get to grips with the ideas behind its mechanics. Whilst a short-lived title, it’s the sense of humour and trivial gameplay that compliment it.

Developed by Perfectly Normal
PEGI: 16+

TETRA’s Escape

The problem with a lot of budget puzzlers in this generation is focusing purely on one area and letting the rest slide. TETRA’s escape is no exception in this regard. The actual puzzles aren’t half bad for a family take on the genre, but its presentation is abysmal.

Unintentionally rough textures and a hash of a soundtrack renders TETRA’s Escape a lesser sire of a noble breed. Looking at the overall design of the game, it wouldn’t be much to ask for 60 FPS and smooth texture mapping, would it?

Developed by Ratalaika Games
PEGI: 3+


In a display of Anxiety-melting platforming whilst being aided by a mellowed soundtrack, Spectrum is a beautiful break from the norm. Featuring split screen time attack and 2 player support, it definitely has the potential to break away from its puzzle platforming roots.

It does, however, pack about as much content a toyless Kinder Egg, making Spectrum a pick up and play title that won’t really keep audiences tied into its mechanical offerings for too long. None the less, it’s a refreshing playthrough in small doses. Let’s hope something is done about that price tag though…

Developed by 3D Avenue
PEGI: 3+

Hacky Zack

Yes, as the title suggests, this is a play on the douchiest late 90’s pass time, ‘Hacky Sack’. However, Hacky Zack comes from great stock with being Spaceboy Games follow up to ‘INK’, which we thought quite a lot of.

Players control the protagonist Zack who can slide against walls he jumps across too, in turn, they also need to keep a Hacky Sack airborne. Kick the sack into the goal area to pass the level, it’s all very simple. Much like its predecessor, Hacky Zack doesn’t want to be a groundbreaking AAA and doesn’t skip in any areas. It’s just a fun game and a decent stocking filler.

Developed by Spaceboy Games
PEGI: 3+


Robbotto is the robotic spawn of ‘Bubble Bobble’, which is by no means an insult. It’s a fun nostalgia trip that provides an unmissable bit chip soundtrack and classic platforming attitude.

My two gripes with Robbotto is the untuned jumping throughout the game, it just holds a tad too much float which makes some situations more awkward than necessary. Secondly, if player one decides to bring in player two, player 1’s save data gets erased. Who the hell worked the Friday afternoon when that decision was made!?

Developed by JMJ
PEGI: 3+

Old School Musical

Whilst I could care less for the title pun (Zack Effron is lucky he did ‘Bad Neighbours’ or he would be up there on Reggie’s prat list with Bieber), Old School Musical delivers on its promise of an amazing array of Bit Chip tracks from various artists.

Once players have taken there daily dose of seriousness, they should be ready for the absurd scenarios this title produces. Paying homage to some of 8, 16 and 32-bit eras classics such as Mega Man, Out Run and the Legend of Zelda, Old School Musical is a sure fire bet on any retro-enthusiast. Furthermore, it’s a brilliant intro to the rhythm-based genre.

It sure has a better soundtrack than Guitar Hero 5 anyway…

Developed by La Moutarde
PEGI: 7+

Part Three of Reggies Stocking Fillers and Killers will be coming to a chimney near you soon…

If you don’t have a chimney breast with it being 2018, just keep an eye on our social media and Reggie Reviews instead!


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