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Reggie’s eShop Stocking Fillers and Killers | Part Four

With 2018 serving as a proving ground for the Nintendo Switch’s longevity, Nintendo’s flagship has more than made everyone aware that it’s not a gimmick and Nintendo are back. Best of all, they couldn’t care less what everyone else is doing!

With being the new ‘Cool Kid’ in the so-called console war (Is that still a thing?), I decided to provide my readers with a short series of Christmas articles detailing what do stuff and what to chuck when it comes to some of this year’s eShops stocking fillers.

I will be foregoing our usual scoring system for this series in favour of a short and sweet mini-review for the titles involved. And also I want people to read it all…

Readers here is part Four of Reggie’s eShop Stocking Fillers and Stocking Killers:

Mercenaries Saga Chronicles

Looking to cure that J-SRPG itch? Mercenaries Saga Chronicles certainly cures that itch due to being a staple of the mechanics and values of the genre, but it hasn’t really aged that well.

Narrative and Character development are easily forgotten, but is that really important in a title such as this? Let’s face it, other titles in the same genre are heralded for there brilliant gameplay elements but aren’t that big on story arcs such as the Disgaea series. Whichever side of the fence players sit on, there is plenty of content for the price tag and is a must for any J-SRPG fan!

Developed by RideonJapan, Inc
PEGI: 7+

The Spectrum Retreat

Firstly, please watch the trailer, done? Good. Ok, so this is the debut product of a solo developer ‘Dan Smith’, hence ‘Dan Smith Studios’. Original, Right?

The Spectrum Retreat is an award-winning Portal-esque outing which sees protagonists housed in an automated hotel then faced with puzzles and trails designed to bend the mind. Whilst it isn’t without its faults, I would be a horrible reviewer not recommending this to my readers.

Developed by Dan Smith Studios
PEGI: 12+


How does that boss that you beat back in the 90s actually operate? Maybe it would be refreshing to play a platformer through the viewpoint of the antagonist? Don’t worry fam, StarBlade has got you!

Nefarious doesn’t break any new ground in the aid of the platforming genre, nor does it provide a new approach to the formula. Its gimmick is controlling boss fights and being the villain, plain and simple. It’s a breeze to go through and is a half decent platformer worth trying out this Christmas.

Developed by StarBreeze
PEGI: 7+


Ratalaika Games seem to excel in the middle of the road range of titles, Fullblast is no exception. Whilst we all love a good top scrolling bullet hell, Fullblast is about as fun as an alcohol-free sandwich buffet on Christmas Day. I just wouldn’t bother. Apologies, but there’s really nothing more to say…

Developed by Ratalaika Games
PEGI: 3+


“YES! Finally, a game that looks like a spiritual successor to Jet Set Radio with a pinch of Sunset Overdrive thrown in.”

This is my initial reaction of getting caught up in the hype of this title, Jesus Christ was I wrong…

Whilst the game offers a solid mission based offering in a shared online hub world, it’s frame rate, camera and menu systems bring this Dreamcast fantasy right back down to Earth. And it’s such a shame, Hover could have really taken off and made a massive impact as a cult classic. Oh, and the price tag for its current state is madness.

Developed by Fusty Game
PEGI: 7+

Human Fall Flat

Human Fall Flat is far from a bad game, but its accessibility and emphasis on a human-shaped sack of spanners succumbing to the laws of gravity can become tiring a few hours in or at the very start. It’s a learning curve that comes back to bite later on, it’s an odd experience, to say the least.

It is, however, a unique take on a puzzle game, leaving players in a sandbox Puzzle which forces players to throw, meme and burn their protagonists to complete puzzles. It can be hilarious with a few buddies during a games night, but ultimately its an acquired taste.

Developed by No Brakes Games
PEGI: 3+


And that’s it for this series of Reggie’s eShop Stocking Fillers and Killers. Did you find the series useful? Want to punch me in the face for dissing Disgeaeas narrative aspects?

Sound off in the comments!



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