Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom review: Platforming Perfection

Monster Boy has finally arrived, and what looked good in still screenshots has had time to show what it can do whilst in motion. The price tag raised an eyebrow, and naturally it will for most. But once you’ve played it, even just for half an hour, you will then realise why I rate this as one of the best Indie games of 2018. The animation and the artwork combine to not just impress, but to massage your eyeballs in all their pretty glory. But it doesn’t end there, so let’s read on.

Monster Boy is an absolute dream to play, and I have had very little in the way of negative things to say about this to anyone who has been interested. As I have already mentioned, the crisp visuals, which have a smattering of colour that helps each individual piece of landscape stand out on it’s own merit, leaving me to cast my eyes all over the screen. A testament to the highly talented artists involved in creating what is possibly the most detailed and stunningly beautiful Indie title yet.

Then there is the audio, which helps conjure up memories of all the classic side-scrolling games from yesteryear, and the popular trope has been faithfully implemented here, in the universe of Monster Boy.


Monster Boy Joy

For me to say that it’s a joy and pleasure to play is a massive understatement. The attention to detail in a areas of the game is noticeable from the word go, and I fell in love instantly. From the opening sequence where it’s all a coastal area, to the sewers immediately following that, and more, the developer has added so much to cast your eyes over, it would be rude to rush through the game, nay, it would be criminal to do such a thing. So does this mean it’s worth the asking price of £31.99? I’m going to say yes.

There are quite a few other games selling for this much, and they are of a much lower quality, that you think someone had a seizure. However, Monster Boy is one of those gems that needs to be played, and if you don’t mind splashing the cash, then you are in for a treat. Games like this can really support the talents of the developers and keep them operational. Don’t wait for a sale, don’t wait for Games with Gold, go buy it. Show the support, and revel in the sumptuous graphics, animation and splendid soundtrack, and like me, you’re going to enjoy every second of it.


We All Have ‘That Uncle’

The story behind Monster Boy, is the protagonist’s uncle has gone rogue. Not only is he very drunk, he is also piloting a flying barrel and transforming everyone into various animals and enjoying being a rather unpleasant soul in the process. This is naturally a huge inconvenience, not just for you, but all the inhabitants of the world in which you get to explore, and of course in turns out that you volunteer to fix this mess, lest you don’t want an adventure in which you correct all the transformations including your own.

The only issue I can say mildly bugged me, was when I had to switch my boots to dive underwater and then back again once I had managed to do what I intended. It takes longer than necessary, and could have been made more streamlined than it currently is. Saying that, this is the only issue I can pull the game up on, and given the state of some games in this day and age, it’s a very minor inconvenience to have, me a ing that Monster Boy and The Cursed Kingdom is damn near perfect I  every way.



Graphics 10

Presentation 10

Sounds 9

Gameplay 9

Overall Score 9.5/10

I have to be honest here and say that it’s worth making that all important purchase, as I can’t see anybody being disappointed with the package. Gameplay is on point with some great puzzles to solve, hidden areas to find and everything else just shows how much love and attention was poured into it by a developer that should be given credit where it’s due. I sincerely hope that they continue to get funded to create more titles in the future.

Developer: Game Atelier

Publisher: FDG Entertainment

Price: £31.99

Format: Xbox One/ PlayStation 4/ Nintendo Switch/ Steam

Release Date: 04/12/2018

Age Rating: 7+

Review Copy Provided by Publisher





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