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Reggie’s January Blues eShop Guide

Following on from the success of 'Reggie's Stocking Fillers and Killers' over Christmas, I have decided to extend the series in the form of 'Reggie's January Blues eShop Guide'.

For this series, I will be providing a single score for the overall impression of titles along with Developer, Pricing and PEGI rating info. So, are you sat around waiting for E3, Quake Con and GamesCom 2019, dying for some new information?

We might not know when the next Nintendo Direct will be, but we do however know about what to purchase or avoid on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Let’s take a look:

God Wars.

In what serves as an accurate retelling of Japanese folklore, God Wars: The Complete collection gives the people and gamers of Japan some super hyper awesome fan service via the majesty of Strat JRPG.

Whilst God Wars didn’t necessarily get the recognition it deserved in the west, it features solid mechanics and looks great in both docked and a handheld mode. Let’s not forget the stunning Anime Cutscenes and an unmissable soundtrack.

My only gripe with God Wars: The Complete Collection is that it’s lacking a couple of finishing touches in regards to textures. But, luckily everything else in the title makes up for this.

Developed by Kadokawa
PEGI 12+


What a surprise title Magicat is. Most other budget platforming titles usually have some form of a cop-out in one of its mechanics which ruins the game, but not Magicat.

In a bit-trip down memory card lane, Magicat features tight controls, an amazing soundtrack, over 8 levels with over 60 boss fights. It’s a compelling game which doesn’t handhold and is bloody tough in some spots. Titles like this are what the eShop is meant to showcase, BUY IT!

Developed by Toge Productions

A Gummy’s Life

Following popular gravity based ragdoll based games such as ‘Human Fall Flat’, A Gummy’s Life incorporates mini-games and all-out brawls into the ‘pick and mix’.

It’s all well and good until players realise that this title doesn’t have much to offer solo play after a couple of hours. This is very much a couch game to be enjoyed by the rich kids with many joy cons and recently purchased friends. Whilst I can see the draw that Multiplayer has, it’s still a bit pants and doesn’t offer much. Party game wise, there are just better alternatives.

Developed by EP Games


A debut title for indie developer ‘League of Geeks’, Armello provides a digital tabletop gaming experience which is accessible for players who may not have experienced a physical role-playing experience before.

Armello is a uniquely polished and fine-tuned title that delivers its presentation in a brilliant fashion, by just being a solid offering. Gameplay is spot on, however, some newcomers to the genre may complain about it’s pacing. This, my readers is the magical world of tabletop gaming. So relax!

Developed by League of Geeks

Whispering Willows

Featuring a ‘Ghost Mechanic’ and puzzler elements that are a challenge but don’t hinder players, Whispering Willows is a wonderfully presented horror title.

Whilst players won’t be jumping out of their skins, it is an eerie experience. In this sense, Night Light Interactive have nailed the title’s atmosphere. Seasoned puzzler fans may want to give this one a miss if they are looking for a bigger challenge though.

Developed by Night Light Interactive
PEGI 12+

Marble It Up!

Whilst Marble It Up! won’t win any awards for its lack of content, it’s ‘Monkey Ball’ gameplay is an instant satisfaction hit for eShop chancers. Featuring a points system and modes including racing against offending Marbles, Marble it Up! features tight controls and a clean and colourful presentation. The amount of freedom this title gives players in navigating tracks is also worth a mention.

Developed by Bad Habit Productions

Keep it here on Reggie Reviews for the next instalment of ‘Reggie’s January Blues eShop Guide’!



  1. Armello looks really cool. I remember seeing it on the European e-shop a while ago, but never got around to purchasing it. I love the artstyle and the visual presentation, and the price is really reasonable. I might pick it up eventually, but I’m so addicted to Smash Ultimate at the moment that I think I can hold out. 🙂

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