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Reggie’s January Blues eShop Guide | Part Two

Following on from the success of 'Reggie's Stocking Fillers and Killers' over Christmas, I have decided to extend the series in the form of 'Reggie's January Blues eShop Guide'.

For this series, I will be providing a single score for the overall impression of titles along with Developer, Pricing and PEGI rating info. So, are you sat around waiting for E3, Quake Con and GamesCom 2019 dying for some new information?

We might not know when the next Nintendo Direct will be, but we do however know about what to purchase or avoid on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Let’s take a look:

Jack ‘N Jill DX

In an obvious homage to ‘Kirby’s Dream Land’ on the Game Boy, Jack ‘N Jill DX offers players a quaint and relaxing platforming experience that doesn’t require too much thought or skill.

The DX Version comes packaged with new mini-games and unlockables (Hats) for our blob protagonists, which can be taken or left. It’s another middle of the road platformer which I would recommend for the price tag alone, but it won’t really rekindle any nostalgia.

Developed by Rohan Narang

Eternum EX

Jumping straight out of an arcade cabinet/tube TV and into players Switch consoles, Eternum EX feels like a genuine 16-bit platforming experience.

Featuring plenty of levels and bosses to keep players entertained, Eternum EX provides not only value for money but also a solid control system, great level design and just the right level of challenges.

Developed by Zerouno Games

Disgaea 5: Complete

Disgaea 5, that is all…

But seriously, Disgaea 5 is a necessity when it comes to strategy JRPG’s. It’s a clean and smooth experience overall with everything players would come to expect from the series.

Featuring the flashiest moves from the series so far, I’m just going to straight up recommend this title. I DON’T EVEN NEED A REASON!

My only gripe about the release is the price tag on eShop, maybe finding a third party key company might make players wallets happier?

Developed by Nippon Ichi Software
PEGI 12+


So, Minit is a black and white 2D Legend of Zelda title that is played 60 seconds at a time. Whilst the gimmick itself is interesting and is reminiscent of Majora’s Mask in a massively exaggerated way, it wears thin after an hour or so in.

Whilst it isn’t a high price tag, I don’t feel that the value for money is there. It’s just a very odd title that is simply Marmite. Love it or hate it.

Developed by JW, Kitty, Jukio and Dom
PEGI: 3+

Demon’s Crystals

As far as twin-stick shooters go, Demon’s Crystals is quite a standard offering. Featuring the usual crazy setup of various bullet patterns, powers ups and goals, literally, nothing stands out about Demon’s Crystals over any other twin stick.

If Twin Stick shooters are your bag, I would recommend a playthrough solo or with friends if picked up on sale. If you are however not really moved by the genre, I would probably give Demon’s Crystals a miss. It’s a shame really, I was expecting more from BadLand.

Developed by BadLand Games

Tied Together


Imagine a 4 player platforming game that has all players tied together, but none of the levels has really compensated for how much of a pain that would be on a standard platforming level. Nor has the title in question considered inventive ways to utilise their own twist on a tethered mechanic.

Ladies and Gentleman, Tied Together… Just don’t bother. I literally gave it a score for a clean presentation and smooth frame rate.

Developed by Napalmtree

Keep it here on Reggie Reviews for the next instalment of ‘Reggie’s January Blues eShop Guide!


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