Lost in Harmony review – What Just Happened?

In an already over saturated rhythm-based e-shop, ‘Digixart’ and ‘Playdius’ have stepped up to the plate with ‘Lost in Harmony’. Featuring a soundtrack overseen by ‘Wyclef Jean’ (The chap who sang about Mexican strippers not being hoes as a result of their career choices), one had high hopes for at least a passable Rhythm game.

Much like the Protagonists ‘Kaitos’ and ‘Ayas’ hoverboard, Lost in Harmony doesn’t manage to scratch the surface when compared to the competition. In fact, it would still fall short if it was the singular rhythm game on the Nintendo eShop.


It Doesn’t Matter!

Featuring a host of electronic / synth heavy ABC tracks, gliding to the predictable beats can become a little… well… predictable a few minutes in. Considering Lost in Harmony only lasts for around two hours, this is very disappointing.

Providing my readers are familiar with the rhythm game genre (‘Guitar Hero’, ‘Rez’ and ‘Parapa the Rapper’ to name a few) many will know what to expect, simply match the button commands on-screen. Based on this basic understanding of the rhythm genre, one would assume this would be quite an assessible title, right?

Do A Flip!

Now, what if this reviewer told his readers that Lost in Harmony is actually an endless runner in disguise? What if he then went on to say that Kaitos and Ayas jumps and dodges aren’t really in time with the game’s soundtrack? Yep, I would probably want to punch him in the face too!

So, why did I put such a focus on predictable rhythm games you ask? Well, that’s the main crux of Lost in Harmonies accessibility and gameplay. Lost in Harmony doesn’t really understand which game it should be, nor does it understand how to blend the predominantly mobile genre with a much adored one.


What Are You!?

Imagine a Chav making a choice between a lifetime supply of ‘White Lightning’ or no social judgement for wearing bin bag body warmers and you’re there! The one silver lining Lost in Harmony possesses over the competition is it’s beautiful yet crushing narrative lines. It surrounds Kaito coming to terms with his friend’s terminal illness. Some of the script that displays during gameplay really hits straight in the feels.

It would be best for readers to experience this for themselves, providing they can ignore the blatant mind f**k that is Lost in Harmonies gameplay. The control scheme is a rushed one at best, favouring the touch screen option from its iOS mobile origins. Whilst I would recommend playing via the touch screen, it doesn’t excuse the fact that Lost in Harmony has less features on a console than its mobile counterpart.

The art style is another saving grace of the title, providing anime style character designs and a vibrant presentation with clearly distinguishable commands. But again, not having these commands match the rhythm of the soundtrack in some way is tremendously off putting and utterly pointless.



Presentation: 5

Graphics: 5

Gameplay: 2

Sound: 4

Overall Score: 4/10

Lost in Harmonies identity crisis leaves little to be desired. It still isn’t clear what the title is trying to achieve by having a rhythm game that’s out of sync with endless runner levels. In this case readers, keep running towards an alternative rhythm game on the eShop and thank me later!

Formats: Nintendo Switch (Reviewed), PC, iPhone/iPad

Price: £6.29 (eShop)
Publisher: Digixart Entertainment
Developer: Playdius
Release Date: 21/06/2018
PEGI Rating: 3+

Review copy provided by publisher

P.S. I did some digging and found this. Mr. Jean has no business as a musician or being in The Rock’s presence either:


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