Fall of Light: Darkest Edition review – Top The Meter Up Nyx!

Imagine a world covered in darkness, no natural light, nothing more than flames from a torch. 'Fall of Light' is such a world, almost all light has disappeared, but there is still hope in a distant land where the light may still exist.

This quest for light falls to ‘Nyx’, an ageing warrior and his Daughter, ‘Aether’, who is a very special girl. She is known as an ‘indigo child’ andhas luminescence emanating from her very body, glowing like a golden yellow Sun, only she can bring the world out of darkness.

Fall of Light is the first game created by RuneHeads, a two-man dev team based in Italy whos passion for gaming stands out from the crowd. They have created a simple but gripping world, though the story lacks a bit until players get further into the game. It isn’t a bad thing as it allows you to interpret your own lore. As their first project in the gaming industry, it is not a bad attempt by any means.

The original vanilla release was in 2017 on Steam, with console versions releasing throughout August 2018 have become the definitive version with extra dungeons, enemies and over 20 different weapons to pour through.

“This floor looks like it was laid in the dark!”


Labelled as an ‘ICO’ meets ‘Dark Souls’ meets an isometric dungeon crawler, it has mechanics from both games. ICO’s influence is very clear with having to lead Aether around by grabbing her hand and running or have her follow simple commands such as follow and wait.

The Dark Souls influence governs the combat system (though not as smooth as its inspiration) with several other features such as respawns and death. If players die they re-spawn at an active shrine, whereas if Aether is either captured or killed players can free her by finding a nearby lever or activate her ashes near to where you both died respectfully.

As mentioned previously, Fall of Light is simple in design graphically. however, this gives Fall of Light more of a retro feel, similar in the way that State of Mind is presented. It felt like classic games such as ‘Another World’ and ‘Flashback’.

“Watch out Sweetheart, this one’s got the right hump!”

Derek Accorah Dark…

Combat is a bit clunky at times but it works well once you get used to it. Players have a light attack, strong attack, block, dodge, and a lock on option. Players will find themselves not bothering to lock on in most cases unless dodging is required when facing tougher enemies.

The atmosphere is dark, and you can simply just die because Nyx has no fear and runs off cliffs! This would usually be a problem in any game, but the world in Fall of Light is consumed by darkness, Careful movements should be used when near high ledges. Although, I am wondering to my self while writing this review if I throw Aether off the cliff instead of Nyx, can I claim the Soul Stone?

Fall of Lights OST and SFX are relatively quiet, Thunder and Rain effects can be heard which adds to the atmosphere of darkness, but where is the intense music when players enter combat or get chased by enemies? But at least you can hear them coming. For me, this was an odd design call.

This title is fairly difficult at first, but once players get better equipment and more health things start to get easier. The menu system is probably going to confuse players who are not familiar with RPG’s but again can be adjusted to once familiarising yourself with Fall of Lights customs.

“Here’s and idea Aether, hold a bloody torch too!”


Gameplay: 7

Graphics: 7

Presentation: 7

Sound: 5

Overall Score: 6.5

Personally, I think Fall of Light is a pretty good game, but it has a massive learning curve that some players may not be able to cope with. As a Veteran Souls player, it doesn’t bother me as I choose to play hard games because I enjoy it.

Considering the game was made by two people in one year, it is a pretty good accomplishment that not many fledgeling developers can accomplish with their first game! At least give this game a go, especially if you like any of the Souls games or any of the ‘Souls-Like’ indie / Fan games out there.

Formats: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam & Nintendo Switch (reviewed)
Price: £13.49
Publisher: Digerati
Developer: RuneHeads
Release Date: 30/08/2018 (Switch)

Review copy provided by publisher


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