Pokémon Go-ing on a Virtual Trip

I have an on/off love affair with Pokémon Go. When they add new ‘mon or challenges, I’m in. Recent additions like trainer battles are cool and help grab my interest for a while, but only in bursts before the inevitable burnout sets in.

I’m currently in one of those burnout cycles, but I realised there’s another aspect of Go which gives me a bit of a perk on my morning commute, adding life support to the dead duck. Which aspect do I speak of? It’s the gifts!

Hang on, They’re Not New or Interesting!

While it’s true that Pokémon Go has had the friends list feature since June last year, I have to admit I didn’t realise the true joy of the function until I stopped mindlessly tapping on the presents in the hope of stocking up on more Max Revives (that I probably won’t use). No, instead I turned my attention to the international locations and oddities that come with the gifts. As anyone familiar with the game knows, on receipt of a gift, you also receive an image from the PokéStop where the gift was obtained.

Since randomly whacking my friend code online, I was quickly blessed with a massive friends list. The overwhelming majority of which appear to be from Taiwan (hi, guys!), not quite sure why, but no complaints here! I’m sure they’re all lovely folk but I actually know about five people on the entire list. I’m well-travelled, as you can tell.

So here are some of the images I’ve gather to share with you lovely folk! Don’t say I never give you anything.

Let me first stick a quick disclaimer in; by virtue of the fact these appear on Pokemon Go, I’m making the assumption nothing here will cause offence. If anything does, please let the team know and we won’t hesitate to remove anything. Also these are the most interesting landmarks in the entire world.

Pokémon Snap

We begin in good old ‘merica land. What you quickly notice about the US is their love of business tie-ins…



Next, we head a few clicks north to everyone’s favourite syrup provider, Canada!

Onwards, to Taiwan!

Loving the colour, Indonesia.

pogoindo (1)

Vietnam’s lion on a ball.

Next stop, Japan (also fond of a good business tie in)!

One from South Africa.


With love from Peru.

Off to Spain.

Finland’s most aesthetically pleasing building.

Swing around to Italy.

Before heading home to sunny England, with Great Expectations and great responsibility.

That’s your lot. Thanks for scrolling.


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