Stuff We Want to Discuss – The Weekly Gaming Round-up (04/02/19-10/02/19)

Here are our thoughts on some of the major gaming news stories from the past week. The selection of references is based entirely on personal interest level. End of. Also; it might not be weekly.

Now let’s take a face plant into this week’s stir fry.


Fortnite & Apex Legends Prove the Battle Royale Thirst is Going Nowhere Soon

Believe it or not, folks, there’s room for two multiplayer shooters. Who would have thought?

Yes, earlier this week recent definitely-not-Titanfall super-shooter, Apex Legends reached an extremely impressive milestone in hitting a 10 million player count across all platforms. Even more impressive when you consider this feat was attained in just three days of availability. [via The Verge]

Don’t let this trick you into thinking fellow free-to-play, battle royale competitor, Fornite is having a lul though. Fornite’s latest major event, for those that missed it, involved an absurdly creative take on a live concert, with Marshmello performing and interacting with a strongly sourced rumour (Geoff Keighly, no less) stating there was an audience of 10 milllion cuncurrent players. [via Forbes]

I spent some time with Fortnite initially but admittedly didn’t return following some of the major updates such as adding more vehicles and the like. I enjoyed what I did play but honestly, Apex Legends’ gunplay is something really special. Taking the core Titanfall tight gameplay and Mirror’s Edge-lite-style momentum into a BR setting really clicks.


Sleeping on Titanfall 2 is one of my gaming shames, having now played a chunk of the campaign and I have to say it’s a crying shame the game never reached the audience it deserves, for which I’m also to blame! The level design is something else, with the  If the momentum of Apex Legends continues, perhaps it will convince EA to let Respawn have a crack at a next gen Titanfall in the near future. Clearly whatever Titanfall 3 was, is now Apex Legends.

That said, it may be that Respawn have too many fingers in too many pies to make time for another large-scale project…


Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

That’s right, Respawn’s single-player Star Wars game is still coming this later this year.

EA have confirmed the game will release in Fall (Autumn) which is earlier than many expected. EA have been tight-lipped on the details so far but the story takes place just after the events of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith.

With the Star Wars licence being the hot property it is, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order could be one of EA’s last exclusivity rolls of the Jedi dice, given the licence expires in 2023 coupled with murmurs that EA might not be all that happy with the arrangement anyway.

Still, at least they can stick pay-to-win transactions in there this time. I think. [via Gamespot]


Reports of Mayor Job Losses at Activision-Blizzard

Activision stepping into Blizzard’s offices was never really going to end well was it? In yet another story where we should always remember context is important, while their CFO is raking in figures which reflect the work of men doing less important jobs than their underlings, we are once again reminded that everyone is expendable in world of stocks/shares and big investment movements.

Kotaku reports that, after being given a mandate of make-more-and-spend-less, the company suffered with scrapped projects and not as many millions coming in as they’d like. There are likely to be sizeable layoffs at Blizzard to follow over the next couple of days, with publishing, marketing, and sales teams said to be primarily under fire.

The Reggie Reviews crew wish those affected the best and hope new opportunities quickly present themselves. [via Kotaku]


Nintendo Teases a Bolstered Switch Online Service

During a recent Q&A session with Nintendo investors, Nintendo President, Shuntaro Furukawa had the following to say regarding Switch Online subscriptions:

“It is critical that these members want to continue using the service for a long time rather than letting it expire, and for that we need to build relationships with consumers and enrich the content. With this in mind, we are currently planning ways to boost the appeal of the service on a yearly basis… It is very important to our future business and we are giving it our all.” – Shuntaro Furukawa [via Gamesindusrty.biz]

Alright, so this isn’t the most exciting ‘news’, as such, but we Nintendo fans love a good bit of speculation. With these comments following the datamining-driven suggestions that SNES games and more may arrive, it might be fair to build a little hype at this point.

Additionally Nintendo have added both Kirby’s Adventure and Super Mario Bros 2 (you know, the Birdo one) to the Switch NES Online app. The collection is slowly becoming fairly impressive but there’s only so far you can go with NES games. Bring on the SNES era. [via Nintendo]

There are also fresh rumours of Nintendo Direct coming this week! So, like every other week then. Here’s hoping. [via GameXplain]

That’s your lot for this week, folks! Any news in particular this week that caught your attention? Sound off in the comments or via Twitter (@Reggie_Reviews and @2DMike3D).

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