Positivity in Gaming – KatTheWolf

In a change of pace for the series of interviews I've been conducting over the last few months I've decided to bring similar topics to a wider range of gamers including developers, writers, streamers and more. In my latest interview I speak to game streamer, Kat, AKA, KatTheWolf!

Mike: What gave you the push to get into streaming?

KTW: “My best friend told me about this new thing she had heard about and asked if I wanted to play Resident Evil 5 with her when she tried it out. I had a lot of fun and decided I just had to do it for myself.”


Mike: If the opportunity was available, would you turn streaming into a full-time job?

KTW: “Surprisingly? No. It’s a lot of fun and I’d love to be partnered for sure, but I actually have a degree in Pre-Veterinary Biology and I’m working on trying to get my DVM. I think it would be a lot of fun to be partnered, and I think it would be a good way to follow a couple of my dreams such as singing, but as of right now it’s not the goal.”

Mike: Have you ever used gaming for positive social experiences, outside online gaming?


KTW: “I didn’t really start gaming until I was about 15 or 16. I met someone at work and we hit it off and she invited me over to play some games with her.


She’s now my best friend and we are incredibly close. Gaming has become an important part of my personality and life and I’m very happy about it.”


Mike: Building up followers must have taken a lot of effort and, clearly a lot of great content. Do you find maintaining your following to be as much of a challenge?

KTW: “Not really actually. People will come and go and if you hyper focus on numbers I think it’ll drag you down. I think though, in general numbers tend to grow or stay steady if you stay active. I talk to people and I’m an admin of a large discord so I’m pretty consistently showing off my brand.”

Mike: Do you find the streaming/Twitch community at large (outside your own followers) to be generally accommodating and welcoming?

KTW: “I think a lot of it depends. I’d say most people are kind, but there’s a lot of cutthroat people out there too unfortunately. Something I’ve noticed for Twitch more than other platforms is a lot of false supporting. You’ll see an endless stream of “follow me! Retweet me! And then I’ll help you”. To me I just don’t find that to be actual support and instead a way to have others promote you while you do the least amount of work possible. That being said, this is an impossible thing to do on your own and I’m so grateful to all the amazing people.”


Mike: Do you think Twitch can do more to facilitate exposure for up and coming streamers?

KTW: “I’m not really sure honestly. There’s a lot of time involved in becoming big on twitch, and a lot of work, but there’s also a whole lot of luck like most things in this world. It’s tempting to ask for handouts but then I think you’d just have a saturation of people. As it stands I think Twitch is ok.”

Mike: Have you faced much by way of toxicity from the gaming community? Is there anything you feel should be done to moderate this type of problem? Or, conversely, have you found the modern community to have improved in the years you’ve been involved in online gaming?

KTW: “Unfortunately yes. I’ve been told the only reason people come to my streams is because I’m a woman, I feel I have to prove myself more then a lot of guys I watch. Yes I did beat the Souls games, yes I did challenge runs, yes I am a woman. But for multiple people that hasn’t been enough, I need to provide proof, something I just don’t see with men. There’s also just general nastiness in the online community, something I suppose comes with anonymity. I think it’s getting better though. I haven’t been gaming for a super long time, but it’s definitely more acceptable for me to play games now than it was when I was a child.”


Mike: Here at Reggie Reviews we’ve covered a lot of topics surrounding mental health and ways of using gaming as a positive to help manage depression and anxiety. Is this something you or anyone close to you has any experience in?

KTW: “About six or seven years ago I was contemplating killing myself. I felt all alone and was at the low point of my life so far. Connecting with my best friend through games was a literal life saver for me. When I was sad there were these worlds I could escape into. I ended up channeling a lot of my anxiety into games like the Souls series and forgetting about the world in Final Fantasy.”

Mike: Thanks for sharing, it’s great that you came through what must have been an awful experience.

On a light note, for the final question (well it’s technically two but, you know…) name your best Fallout: New Vegas NPC! And which stat is more important; Speech or Strength?

KTW: Rex hands, or should I say paws, down. What better way to travel the wastelands than with a loyal canine pal? (Boone is a close second). Speech is by far the better stat. Free stuff, hostage negotiation, scamming your way behind locked doors, it’s good stuff.

KTW5Thank you very much for sparing some of your personal time to answer my questions!

Reggie Reviews recommends you take a look at Kat’s awesome Twitch channel. Follow her on Twitter!


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