Band of Bastards DLC review – More Deliverance

'Kingdom Come: Deliverance' is revered as one of this generation's most realistic and immersive RPG titles without question. If players are looking for a reason to dive back into 15th century Kingdom of Bohemia (Now known as the Czech Republic), or tip a toe in for the first time, it's latest DLC 'Band of Bastards' is a good a reason as any!

Whilst the content roughly adds up to around 4 hours worth of gameplay, the Characters, Banter and Deliverance play style makes the venture worthwhile. As usual, players choices during this story ARC will massively impact the DLC’s multiple outcomes. Likewise, Uncle Reggie won’t give the ‘game’ away, but let’s explore character development.

A Bohemian Rhapsody?

Whilst Kingdom Come: Deliveranceis renowned for its amazing storytelling and lore which is well rooted in European 15th Century history, the storyline isn’t key here, the Characters are!

It’s no secret that the DLC involves interacting with a ‘Band of Bastards’, however one felt like he was trying to take charge of King Arthur and Co. in ‘Monty Pythons the Holy Grail’. With that in mind, the writing is naturally on the darker side of things with the equivalent exchanges of words being likened to a tap room pissing content. At least we didn’t have to fend off any Ware Rabbits, thank the Holy Hand Grenade!

Baron Bastard!

Players kick things off with a chap called ‘Baron Kuno’, who is a bit of a bar-steward in his own right. It’s almost addictive just riding from quest to quest listening to the Band of Bastards carry on. In order to keep the fun going for as long as possible, I would strongly recommend making sure Kuno and friends keep themselves alive. This reviewers lightning quick save reflexes revealed a shorter ending to the DLC which isn’t the best way to go about the newest Kingdom Come expansion.

By the time players finish off the majority of the storyline and delve into a certain sidequest, they may be unaware of the actual circumstances they are in due to being enthralled in the day to day of Bastard life. The voice acting on display solidifies this prediction.

I would recommend that players attempt the DLC once they are just over halfway through the main game, otherwise, they may be overwhelmed by the difficulty levels due to the versatile swordplay and combat skills needed to best it.


Graphics: 9
Presentation: 9
Gameplay: 8
Sound: 9

Overall Score: 8.8 / 10

Although the Band of Bastards DLC isn’t a lengthy affair by any means, it’s a worthwhile one. Memories of close fights and your not-so-merry men will stay with you throughout your playthrough of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which is all that matters!

Format: Xbox One X (Reviewed), PlayStation 4 and PC

Price: £6.79 (Microsoft Store)

Publisher: Deep Silver

Developer: Warhorse Studios

Age Rating: PEGI 18+

Release Date: 05/02/19

Review copy provided by publisher


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