Stuff We Want to Discuss – The Weekly Gaming Round-up (18/02/19-24/02/19)

Here are our thoughts on some of the major gaming news stories from the past week. The selection of references is based entirely on personal interest level. End of. Also; it might not be weekly.

It’s been a fairly quiet week in gaming on the whole but let’s take a stroll through this week’s personal biz anyway.


Farewell Reggie, Hello Bowser

No, not our Reggie Boy Smooth, but Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aimé and his ready body.

From the “kicking ass and taking names”, the “what’s wrong with you?” to the Yokai Watch boardroom dancing, Reggie has been a fantastic PR front man, prone to dodging business questions like a pro but always throwing in bags of charm and charisma that Nintendo fans won’t soon forget.

Reggie Reviews wishes Reggie a Reggie retirement. Reggie.

Reggie signed off with a lovely message to fans and also announced his pending successor. His replacement? Doug Bowser, naturally. [via Nintendo of America Offical Twitter]


Don’t Give Up Yeti

Big companies are dreaming of a streaming future. And it’s terrifying. But let’s not dwell on the inevitable gaming dystopia.

The web deity known as Google plans to reveal their hand at this year’s Game Developer Conference and is expected to unveil their ‘Yeti’ project in the form of streaming hardware. In a cryptic note to media outlets, Google have invited folks to their keynote.

We’ve already seen Google’s trial of browser-based high-end game streaming. Can our rickety old net connections keep up? Well, both Microsoft (xCloud) and Google (Yeti) believe they already have the tech to make it happen so let’s see what they can do! [via 9to5Google]


It’s Rumour Time, C’mon Grab Your Xbox Friends

With what has been a pretty slow news week in the gaming sphere, it’s time to degrade ourselves (like we do nearly every week) and discuss some rumours!

At this point it’s not exactly a well-kept secret that plans surrounding the Xbox Live app will be discussed at this year’s GDC. What’s noteworthy is that the app is seemingly on its way to Nintendo Switch, opening up streamlined cross play possibilities. Let’s not forget all the recent social media flirting between Xbox and Nintendo execs. Was Tetris 99 an elaborate rouse? Was this really the ‘bolstered’ online service the Big N spoke of?

Since then, however, Direct-Feed Games, who sustain a firm track record as a reliable source, understand that Xbox Game Pass will be coming to the Switch via Microsoft’s new streaming tech, Project xCloud (you know, Forza on your phone and the like), along with rumours of first party software including Ori getting a native port. If this becomes reality, we are potentially looking at an unprecedented partnership which, frankly, sounds amazing for gamers. Valhalla is on the horizon, people, let’s hope it’s true.

In terms of a model, one can only guess how this would be monetised without confusing and/or scaring off consumers. My guess is that Game Pass membership will be treated as the same across any platform (but with platform specific game access) but with the xCloud benefit opened up on Switch only to Nintendo Online subscribers, possibly at a marginally increased price. Or maybe that’s too optimistic. Maybe they’ll require our souls. [via Direct-Feed Games]


Is the Pokémon Gen 8 Reveal Due?

Alright so this is a bit of a non-story because, well obviously Gen 8 will be revealed, however there are recent rumblings that the reveal will come very soon. The annual Pokémon Day is on the horizon and the timing for a mainline reveal would be right in-line with previous entires. Well, some of them.

I’ve not bought into the rumours floating about wholesale, but there’s no denying the mysterious Twitter account @muguwus nailed the Direct to the letter. It’s this source that states ‘Pokemon soon’. Yeah, sorry that is pretty much it. Look, it’s an excuse to talk about Gen 8, does it matter?

Let’s have visible overworld ‘mon with seamless battling, the continued absence of HMs, an actual plot in the style of Black & White, difficulty settings (ultra hard, please) and your Pokémon following you around. I’m not asking for much. [via this single Tweet which means nothing]

That’s your lot for this week, folks! Any news in particular this week that caught your attention? Sound off in the comments or via Twitter (@Reggie_Reviews and @2DMike3D).

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  1. I want to know about Pokemon Gen 8 more than anything at this point. I get the impression 2019 might be a light year with new consoles on the horizon, so I really want to make the most of what we do get. I’ll be real bummed if a new Pokemon doesn’t come out this year.


    1. If you are a Nintendo fan, this is set to be one of the best on record. It’s actually insane how the Switch is going into its third year with so much content. And let’s not forget the rumored Games Pass services comming to Switch, it’s madness, in the best possible sense!


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