My Brother Rabbit review -What’s Up Hidden Object?

Polish developer Artifex Mundi have been providing fans of the hidden object genre plenty of titles on Steam and console the last few years, with quality always top of their list of priorities. Now comes My Brother Rabbit, and they’ve managed to top previous efforts. Not that I thought that they could as I always enjoyed the games they’ve created. But here we are.

My Brother Rabbit is definitely one of the prettiest ID Xbox games Ive had the pleasure of playing. Not just by Artifex Mundi, but the whole ID Xbox list as a whole. Each scene is filled to the brim with detail and a multitude of colours expertly designed to allow them to hide objects in plain sight. This is where they excel in creating their puzzles and even though their games are not difficult at all, which prompts achievement and trophy hunters to buy these titles, they certainly ensure that you will scour every inch of the screen for the next item on your to-do list.


Puzzzle Rabbit Holes

Speaking of items, MYB changes up puzzle solving from previous AF titles. Instead of searching for multiple different objects, this time you will need to hunt down a set amount of the same object before you can solve said puzzle. Be it balloons or other. This makes it easier, as they appear in the top right of your screen, so you dont have to remember.

As mentioned earlier, the visuals are just stunning and I have no qualms about praising this area of the game. As for the audio, once more My Brother Rabbit is performing rather well here, and its a pleasure during the playthrough. I dont hear enough love for Artifex Mundi from other gamers, although I know plenty of people who have played them. They may be short games, but they will stay with you after completion.


No Rush

What I love about games like this, is that there is no need for rushing your way through them. Allowing you, the gamer, to progress at your own speed, which can be fast or slow depending on how quickly you can spot those hidden objects. I fall in the middle in this aspect, as sometimes they are there in front of you, while other times theyre expertly hidden in plain sight.

Controlling the cursor that interacts with scenery and objects is the same as the previous games in the extensive back catalogue from Artifex Mundi. Responds well, with no noticeable concerns. Given it is as simple as highlighting an object and pressing a button, Im glad that this is the case.


Show Me, Tell Me

As for the story behind it, My Brother Rabbit does a good job of showing you, rather than explain everything with a full blown voiced narrative. A change this time around, but with the atmospheric music, and gorgeous scenery, you wont mind one bit.

Now comes the time to recommend or state whether or not to steer clear, and I can overwhelmingly say, its a must buy for fans of the genre. Maybe even those wanting a change of pace from the norm. Whatever that may be for you. It offers easy achievements, alongside some beautiful visuals and music, not to mention the touching story. The price is well worth it, unless youre hoping for a sale which given that a lot of Artifex Mundi games are reduced regularly, youve no real excuse not to make that purchase.



Graphics: 9.5

Presentation: 9.5

Sound: 9.5

Gameplay: 8

Overall Score: 9.1 / 10

Formats: Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam & Xbox One (reviewed)

Price: £11.99

Publisher: Artifex Mundi

Developer: Artifex Mundi

Release Date: 21/09/2018

Pegi Rating: 3+

Review Copy Provided by Publisher


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