Devious Dungeon review – Cheeky Dungeon Crawling

For those who have heard of Ratalaika Games, you’ll be all too aware of how prolific they’ve suddenly become in churning out some quirky Indie titles. Not only that, but achievement hunters rejoice frequently too, as their games are almost always an easy one hour of game time before all of said achievement finally unlock. But surely there is more substance than that, right? Let’s read on.

Devious Dungeon is by all accounts a fantastic little game, with platforming action mixed with a rogue lite mechanic that will almost certainly keep you coming back for more. It certainly did with me, and with each run I got a little bit further, which in turn spurred me on to continuously improve upon each subsequent run. Its a mechanic that can make or break a game depending on whether or not its been implemented correctly. Thankfully, the developers have managed to make it work just right.


Pixel Looting

As is customary in Indie titles, Devious Dungeon is given a pixelated visual, and with some catchy old school sounds, sees you thrown into randomly generated levels full of secrets, enemies and challenging boss fights. Tight controls are a blessing thanks to the random and sometimes far away reaches of the nearest platform, all while avoiding enemies projectiles and melee attacks. You will get hit frequently, but the more you collect treasure and coins, the better melee weapon and armour you will be able to purchase, which in turn increases vital stats of your hero. These are essential to your survival, lest you really want to present yourself with a solid challenge.

Devious Dungeon is one of my favourite Indie titles of 2018 so far, due to the simplistic nature of the game. Sometimes its fun to just mindlessly play without worrying about a complex control system, or maybe a deep and engaging narrative isnt your thing today. Whatever it may be; Devious Dungeon is just what the doctor ordered. There was a good 4-5 hours worth of gaming to be had for me, and along the way, I managed to acquire everything I could purchase from the merchant, beat all the bosses and unlocked all of the achievements. It may be quicker or longer for you, but that depends on how good you are at it. I died a lot.


A Merchants Game

The story is pretty basic to be fair, which is to say that beneath the kings castle, monsters have invaded and its down to your brave being to eradicate all before you. Just find the level key and then to door to advance. Simple. But the enemies progressively get tougher with better attacks and upgraded health. So the purchases from the merchant become vital to yourself the further you delve into the lairs beneath the castle.



Graphics: 7
Presentation 6.5
Sound: 6
Gameplay: 9

Overall Score 7.1 / 10

Theres not much else to really say, as Devious Dungeon doesnt pack a massive amount of content into the experience, but the gameplay is top notch stuff. And thats what matters, right? Well, thats up to you. But personally, I loved the game and would like to see more Indie games get the right formula when it comes to rogue lite platforming. Or rogue lite in general.

Format: Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS Vita & Xbox One (reviewed)

Price: £7.99

Publisher: Ratalaika Games

Developer: Ravenous Games

Release Date: 10/10/2018

Pegi Rating: 7+

Review Copy Provided By Publisher


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