League of Evil review – ‘Austin Powers Quote’

Platform games, a genre that I loved way back in the day when two dimensional action was the way forward, before three dimensional games raised the bar with their shenanigans of exploring open worlds. How dare they take away our simplistic yet fun gaming paradise! I jest of course, and with that said, Ratalaika Games are at it once more with League of Evil.

As is the case with Ratalaika published games, theyre targeting simple, fun games for fans of retro aesthetics that wouldnt have seemed out of place if theyd been originally released back in the late 1980s. Pixelated graphics, basic controls, repetitive soundtrack that somehow doesnt grate too much and an end goal that inevitably requires you to defeat the forces of evil. Times were so much simpler back then, what with no vast amount of dialogue, branching story arc and complex skill trees.


Grrr Evil… Grrr

So, League of Evil is here for review, and its as simple as one level after another where the aim is to the kill the bad guy at the end. Sounds easy enough right? Well, to begin with at least, its an easy game. As you venture deeper into the games 140 levels spanning four chapters and six different worlds, the enemies get trickier and the traps set become more advanced and what you will find, is that you will die. A lot. But with quick load times at hand, its just as simple as pressing the restart button and having yet another go.

Those who enjoy speed running through games will be delighted to find that your time is recorded allowing you to fine tune each run to perfection. Then theres also the fact that each level has a briefcase for you to collect which in turn allows you to fully complete a level. That and achievements and trophy hunters will likely find this game a draw for this reason as its not all that hard in the grand scheme of things.


Easy to Learn Evil Level Editing… Grrr

League of Evil has kept it so simple, that you wont have any troubles getting to grips with it. Its fun, worth the asking price, and even offers a level editor to create your own devious levels. Or easy if youre feeling in a pleasant mood. Totally your choice of course.



Graphics: 7

Presentation: 6

Sound: 6

Gameplay: 9

Overall Score: 7 / 10

With a game like this, its difficult to write up too much without droning on and boring anyone kind enough to read. So Ill keep this short and sweet, and allow you to decide for yourself if its what you want. Which if youre specifically a collector of achievements or trophies, then you will be in your element as there are plenty of easy ones to unlock. Some require full completion of every level in a chapter, but with some perseverance, you will succeed. So, to wrap up, its another fun Indie game, and will provide a good few hours for a low asking price.

Format: Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS Vita & Xbox One (reviewed)

Publisher: Ratalaika Games

Developer: Woblyware

Price: £4.99

Release Date: 19/09/2018

Pegi Rating: 7+

Review Copy Provided by Publisher


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