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Yoshi’s Crafted World review – A Crafty Platformer

After a crux of delays and release date limbo, Nintendo finally blessed our favourite handheld/console hybrids with quite possibly the most laid back and cosey platformer to date, Yoshi's Crafted World.

Keeping up with Nintendo’s family-friendly moniker, Crafted world is a forgiving title that simply pops players back to a checkpoint if they fall off a ledge or run out of hearts (OMG those little hearts!). Along with its arts and craft aesthetic, I can’t wait to let my little boy and girl get to know everyone’s favourite Dinosaur (Please don’t start fanboys) on the easier setting, of course, they are 2 and 3 after all!

Fluffy Dinosaurs

All that being said, I wouldn’t want my readers to assume Yoshi’s Crafted World is a nice walk in the park. There are a number of challenging puzzler sections as well as the usual platformer collectables such as hidden red coins, bonuses and the like which keeps the whole experience fresher than the titles sought after smiley flowers.

Speaking of Smiley Flowers, robot gate keepers are placed at the start of each world which require flowers to power themselves up to let Yoshi pass. As Crafted world progresses, players will find simply breezing through courses doesn’t accumulate enough flowers. Enter ‘Poochy Pups’!

Poochy Pups are a new and ridiculously adorable addition to the Yoshi series. After initially meeting the first set of the doggos, players can go back to previously completed levels and find a certain amount of poochy pups on a flippd version of the selected course. Not only does this increase gameplay value, but also a brilliant mechanic when grinding for flowers is concerned!

Eggcelent, I’m Not Yolking Around!

The control layout is nice and simple with face buttons available for Jumping, Eating things and throwing Eggs, of which the latter can also be performed by using the shoulder and trigger buttons on any Switch compatible controller. The D-pad is also compatible with this title which is a nice option given the on the rails platforming experience.

My ovaries finally exploded when I took in the overall aesthetic of the game. Characters are all fussy, chubby and cuddly whilst the in-game world is completely created with craft items such as card, paper, crayons, tin cans etc. In each game world, there are also chances to buy in-game costumes for levels for your chosen Yoshi. These are usually wearable set pieces such as a house or car.

The menus are quite simple and allow players to get into the action straight away. Yoshi’s Crafted World sits at a solid frame rate throughout with no drops or screen blur to compensate for demanding textures. Overall, the performance of Yoshi’s Crafted World cannot be faulted!

Same Old O.G.

What I love the most about Yoshi’s crafted World is the originality and creativity it oozes. For the readers who remember the original Yoshi’s Island for SNES, its beautiful to see Nintendo building on the children’s colouring book/craft aesthetic that made Yoshi titles stand out in the first place. Furthermore, how this doesn’t have some kind of LABO tie-in literally hurts my face. If we don’t see some form of LABO integration with Yoshi’s Crafted World I will click a Nintendo Switch game cartridge. That’s right, I’m super cereal people!

Before my ovaries could recover, I was the victim of another blanket of cuteness when listening to the titles Soundtrack. It’s what we have all come to expect from a Yoshi title with recorder style notes and simple rhythms to convey the simple yet fun nature of the game. I am literally refreshing build-a-bear as im writing this for them to announce a Crafted World Yoshi bear, I guess Bowser will have to do for now.

On a side note, yes I am a single Dad with multiple Build-A-Bears, but I keep them all in my kids’ room so that I am still socially accepted in less accepting circles. However, Bulbasaur gives awesome cuddles so get a dishwasher!


Presentation: 10
Graphics: 10
Gameplay: 10
Sound: 10

Overall Score: 10/10

Whilst Yoshi’s Crafted World doesn’t necessarily break new ground in its field, it builds and improves its own character and formula at every turn. It’s just fun yet relaxing to play and a brilliant introduction into gaming for my readers’ Offsprings, Siblings or in some cases pets. Just don’t keep children as pets, they don’t like it and will put your in a terrible care home in your later years.

Format: Nintendo Switch (Reviewed)
Price: £49.99 (eShop)
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo
Age Rating: PEGI 3

Release Date: 29/03/2019

Review copy provided by publisher


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