Aggelos review – A Wonder Monster Boy

With ‘PQubes’ reputable reach exceeding it’s grasp and the help of ‘LookAtMyGame’, developers ‘StoryBird Games’ and ‘WonderBoy Bobi’ have graced Nintendos flagship base with ‘Aggelos’.

In what is essentially a love note to ‘WonderBoy’ / ‘MonsterBoy’ and 80’s / early 90’s platformers, Aggelos is a pixelated 2D action RPG which is presented via the majesty of the platforming genre.

Aggelos doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, nor does it re-invent the aforementioned genres. In an industry that is pile drived by in-depth crafting and skill trees and or mechanics, it’s great to just kick back and play a straight forward RPG Platformer that does exactly what it says on the tin.

Story Time, Kids!

The story is a familiar one also, featuring a standard paladin type protagonist who is entrusted with saving a Kingdom from the terrible plot of the Aggelos antagonist and his many minions. Players must collect a number of elemental powers to ultimately overcome a looming cataclysm and save the innocent King, Princess and there subjects. ‘Legend of Zelda’ much’?

The platformer genre compliments the protagonists skill set, allowing perfectly timed jumps and magical / physical combos to reward players with a sense of accomplishment. Furthermore, some learn-as-you-go spells are necessary for creating platforms and unlocking areas which unlock further plot points and areas.

Each area comes with it’s own town, save points and some NPCs. Players can upgrade Swords, Armour, Buy potions / herbs and the like at the various shops each town offers. Some towns have their own exclusive items which does require backtracking from time to time, however the level design is a job well done and never feels like a chore.

An Easy Grind!

Typical of the genre, enemies will respond as soon as players walk off and back into the desired area, which means farming for gold and magic replenishment (Which is built up by physically hitting enemies) becomes somewhat of a joy.

Aggelos control mapping is also a job well done, allowing for players to invest time into precision movement that boarders rage quitting territory. Never fear readers, these instances never quite get to that point, and once again gives players a sense of accomplishment for finally pulling off a certain feat.

A ‘Bit’ Catchy…

We are all big lovers of a good ‘Bit-Chip’ OST over at Reggie Reviews, and Aggelos is a most entertaining one. Whilst the over world theme is used at every turn bar certain towns and temples, it’s a pleasure to hear and instils that childhood happiness and innocence that i desperately crave as I grow bald and gain an ever increasing circumference.

The presentation of Aggelos is simple, effective yet screams 16-bit class. A menu for inventories and another for Equipables exist for the players ease, yet the load times between gameplay and menu hopping can be a little jarring. IT’s honestly not something I would expect for a low demanding game such as Aggelos. But alas, this is the only complaint I have about it!


Graphics: 8
Presentation: 7
Gameplay: 9
Sound: 7.5

Overall Score: 7.9/10

Aggelos is essentially a WonderBoy / MonsterBoy clone with it’s own plot, creature and level design thrown in for good measure, and it’s bloody brilliant!

From executing perfectly timed magic spells whilst jumping from platform to platform is a wonderfully executed balance of reward and great level design. Whilst certain instances can be a little puzzling, Aggelos is another job well done and another string in PQube and Co’s bow.

Format: Nintendo Switch and PC
Release Date: 24/04/2019
Price: £11.99 (eShop)
Publisher: PQube
Developer: LookAtMyGame
Pegi Rating: 7+

Review Copy Provided by Publisher



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