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Reggie Merch review: Unbroken Bonds / Detective Pikachu Case Files and Boosters

Welcome readers to the very first 'Reggie Merch Review'. Myself and the team @reggie_reviews wants to make sure your 'To The Point' content includes some of the latest and greatest Merchandise from your favourite franchises. I couldn't think of a better way to kick things off than covering the latest 'Pokémon Trading Card' sets 'Detective Pikachu and 'Unbroken Bonds', so let's dive straight in:

For this review, I received a very generous care package from ‘The Pokémon Company‘ and our friends at ‘Hope and Glory PR’ which included the following:

  • Detective Pikachu Case File (Including Detective Pikachu 4 Card Blisters)
  • Charizard GX Case File (Including Detective Pikachu 4 Card Blisters)
  • Greninja GX Case File (Including Detective Pikachu 4 Card Blisters)
  • 2 x Unbroken Bonds Theme Decks (Lightning Loop and Battle Mind)
  • 6 x Unbroken Bonds Booster Packs

Detective Pikachu Case File

This case file is all about Pokémon flagship electric mouse, featuring a promo card that allows players to search the top 4 cards of their deck and place one at the top of said deck. It’s quite a playable card in my opinion and could come in super handy with an extra card pickup.

Buyer will also receive a special (but plastic) Detective Pikachu coin for those who collect them, in addition to a couple of 4 pack Detective Pikachu boosters featuring Pokémon from the movie. Which by the way are all Holo cards.

As usual, The Pokemon Company don’t mess around with their packaging by using a card case file design for it’s packaging. For Pikachu collectors and fans, it’s a must buy!

Charizard GX Case File

Next up is the mighty Charizard, who surprised no-one when it got it’s own Detective Pikachu GX card and Case file. This set is more akin to the normal GX box we’re used to from the trading card game.

As such, it comes with a mix of Detective Pikachu and legacy Sun and Moon boosters, sorry kids, no Unbroken Bonds blisters in this set! In what is the best idea for wall art, Charizard comes with a Giant Pokémon card just in case your eyesight is failing.

Charizard GX features a high-cost yet balanced move-set. ‘Dreadful Flames GX‘ deals 250 damage whilst discarding an energy card from each opponents Pokémon, with the 200 damage dealing ‘Steam Artillery’ as back up. The card also has ‘Raging Destruction’ that allows players to search the top 8 cards for fire energy, a nice little replacement for the ‘Max Elixirs’ from yesteryear!

Mewtwo GX Case File

A Detective Pikachu TCG set would not be complete with the often misunderstood Mewtwo. Psywaving to his haters in style, Mewtwo has his own GX Case File which again features both Detective Pikachu and Legacy Sun and Moon boosters a-kin to the Charizard GX Case File.

Mewtwo hasn’t had the best treatment in the TCG in recent years (I’m looking at you promo EX box!) which is of course just my opinion. However, Mewtwo GX tucks opponents straight into bed with it’s move-set.

Firstly, ‘Psychic Nova GX’ deals 180 damage whilst conveniently preventing damage done by attacks during his opponents next turn. Saving this attack for a tight spot is 100% certain to turn the tide of any match!

Telekinesis avoids any weakness or resistance modifiers and finally, ‘Reigning Pulse’ deals 120 damage and confuses opponents. Like any good psychic deck build, Mewtwo has the power to ruin opponents hard-hitting Pokémon providing he is used at the right moment.

Greninja Case File

Another fan favourite hailing originally from the Kalos region whilst also serving as the final evolution for the regions water-type starter Pokémon, ‘Greninja’ takes the final spot for the ‘Detective Pikachu Case File’ series.

Well, I got that excited opening up the case file set that I forgot to take a picture of the inside of the Greninja GX Case File. Just imagine the Mewtwo GX Case File, but imagin Mewtwo as a Frog who wears his tongue as a scarf…

This set mimics the content of the previous two Case Files which is all fine and dandy, so let’s get into what Greninja GX can do. Firstly, it’s the only Case File GX with an Ability that allows Greninja to come into play providing he is the last card in your card. This is definitely living up to previous Greninja deck building hype considering he’s a stage two card.

As a result of this card’s ability, it only has two attacks which is fine seeing as they cost a combined energy cost of two water and one colourless. ‘Mist Slash’ deals 120 damage and isn’t affected by an opponents Weakness, Resistance or any other effects, nice! It’s GX move ‘Dark Mist’ can return one of the oppositions benched Pokémon to their hand along with all attached cards. Double nice!

Unbroken Bonds Decks

The latest Pokémon TCG set ‘Unbroken Bonds’ has once again given new players a path with the Fire/Psychic ‘Battle Mind’ and Electric ‘Lightning Loop’

Whilst the decks looks quite balanced, I am yet to field test the decks. With that being said, sometimes it’s nice to get together with your fellow trainers and simply play with a deck you know nothing about. Especially myself, with having amazing deck building skills and all…

And no, I’m simply too busy to prove it to anyone I’m afraid…

What about the booster packs?

Don’t worry readers, Papa Reggie has your back! Find out what I managed to grab with my booster opening videos below. More so the Detective Pikachu boosters, there’s some amazing artwork to see:

Lastly, thanks again to the Pokémon Company and Hope and Glory PR for submitting these amazing products for coverage.

Click here and Here to check out these products on Amazon.


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