Midnight Deluxe review – Average Yet Cheap Thrills

Yet again, Ratalaika Games have another game for us. One of the busiest purveyors of Indie titles in 2018, and I’m sure they don’t have any plan of slowing down just yet. And as is a custom of theirs, it’s a short game that offers very easy achievements/trophies for a low price. So those who hunt, feast your eyes upon Midnight Deluxe.

So, what exactly is this game all about? Well its got platforms and that familiar trope of traps that will kill in one hit. But its not a traditional platform game. In a world of perpetual darkness, the square shaped fairy named Midnight.


The players goal is to reach the safe zone in each of the games 70 levels which get progressively more challenging the further you get. How you do it though is another thing. Instead of moving Midnight at your will, you need to use your aim and a fire button to catapult our bright fairy friend in the right direction.

A Paupers Challenge

Midnight offers very little in the way of a challenge and instead allows the free flowing nature of progression. Dont get me wrong, there are some levels that are tricky, but none are impossible by any means.


The package of graphics and soundtrack are pleasing to the senses, giving you a feeling of relaxation as you fly through the levels. Quite literally too. Yes its a short game, one that can be done completed in under a couple of hours.

Probably sooner should you be in it for them achievements/trophies. But given how pretty the game looks in the darkly lit levels, and the low price point, youd be a fool to pass it up.



Graphics: 8

Presentation: 7 

Sound: 4

Gameplay: 6

Overall Score: 6.3 / 10

There really isnt much else to say about Midnight Deluxe, so Ill wrap it up now. It is cheap to buy, fun to play and offers hunters an easy list that can be unlocked in under an hour, so whats not to like?

Format: Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS Vita & Xbox One (reviewed)

Publisher: Ratalaika Games

Developer: Petite Games

Price: £4.99

Release Date: 24/10/2018

Pegi Rating: 18+

Review Copy Provided By Publisher


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