Hyper Jam review – Party Combat

After my recent deluge of short and admittedly basic Indie games, Bit Dragon have unleashed arena brawler 'Hyper Jam' upon us gamers. A genre that can be a blast with friends. But the game does have to be in a condition that would tempt people in, and hopefully to part with money. Have 'Bit Dragon' done enough to capture the attention and imagination? Or would Smash Bros be a more preferable choice? Let’s find out.

With a selection of brawlers each distinctly unique from one another, and arenas carefully soaked in neon glow, Hyper Jam has a cool aesthetic that sets it apart from the cartoon feel of Smash Bros and feels a bit more grown up. Arenas aren’t just side viewed platforms, they are 3D levels that are slightly bigger than the screen you play on.

Spawn me Something Nice!

Weapons spawn in randomly, perks can be obtained between matches to give you an edge, and these depend on how well, or badly you perform during the previous battle. It’s a simple formula that works incredibly well, and with 4 people duking it out against each other, it descends into utter chaos as you scrap through to the final slither of health hoping for a win, only to find that your now nemesis has punched or shot you off the edge of the arena to your demise.

This is what party games are all about. Forming an alliance, or turning on friends to test just how much you think of each other. Not that any friendships were lost during the review, but it was rather fun nonetheless.

Gameplay and controls are smooth and tight with no questions to be asked from this reviewer, and when its kept simple as Hyper Jam is, you can’t argue that it’s a game to pick up and play at a moments notice. That how it’s meant o be for this genre especially, and it works perfectly as far as my humble opinion stands.

Having a Blast

Legging it away from someone who’s trying to shoot a grenade at you while your fists won’t do brings out the laughs as you frantically search for some way to even the odds and return fire. Perks that allow fire damage to be applied or health regeneration go a long way to turning the tides of the next round.

To say I’ve had a fantastic time with Hyper Jam and the chaotic nature of the action is a testament to how much time and effort Bit Dragon have put into the game to make it run smoothly, and functioning so it balances out each battle. Characters are cosmetic and there’s no advantages to be had by choosing one over another.

It’s down to player skill to survive and complete the round as victor and claim them precious bragging rights on game night with your friends. That’s where it is, and we all know it. Pulling out a victory over your best buddies is always a satisfying experience, and Hyper Jam brought that to the table.

Cross Platform CO-OP

Aside from playing up to 4-player in local play, there also an option for cross-platform play with online play, giving you the chance to not only face off against your friends in the comfort of your own home but total strangers too. What a time to be alive in that people playing on other consoles can now face your wrath. Or it could well be the other way around.

Would I recommend Hyper Jam? Well if you’ve been paying attention to this review, then you’ll be fully aware that I’ve hyped the game up, and I in no way apologise for the pun included, and I could happily play this some more with friends or strangers. I love the park system, the customisation that’s available when arranging a match beforehand, and this keeps the game balanced so those who are finding it easy will get the last choice of perks between each round, allowing those who lack skills to pick the best of the bunch for themselves.


Graphics: 7
Presentation: 8
Sound: 8
Gameplay: 8

Overall Score: 8

To wrap up, Hyper Jam is an excellent battle brawling game with a modest selection of weapons to choose from, and perks to find. With AI bots it’s not all that fun, but with real people to square off against, Hyper Jam quickly becomes a fun game to play. Will it stand the test of time? Well, that remains to be seen, as it needs the right people to find it.

Platforms: Xbox One (Reviewed), PlayStation 4 and PC
Price: ££12.49.(Microsoft Store)
Developer: Bit Dragon
Publisher: Bit Dragon
Release Date: 12/02/2019
PEGI Rating: 16+


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