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Musynx – A Retrospective review

"'PM Studios have recently ported over their mobile success story Musynx to the Nintendo Switch. Acttll Inc. has published an engrossing rhythm game with 50 original tracks from online artists and more to come via downloadable content (DLC).

Musynx is very much a no-nonsense title for the genre it belongs to, with no unlock mechanics and no form of career mode. The main menu is one big list of tracks to play through which range from dubstep to anime-inspired quirkiness. The English in the menu system could have been better translated as certain features are not very clear.

All Your Tracks Are Belong To Us

For example, players can choose from a 4K or 6K mode. I was scared to choose an option in case my Switch screen exploded, however common sense later intervened and stated that the ‘K’ stands for keys. In Musynx, players can choose to play tracks with either 4 keys or 6 keys surprisingly. Whilst the 4K option is accessible on first impressions, 6K is for transient beings that have no need to rely on sight, sound nor smell.


“Crystal clear sky highways”

To help ease players in, Musynx offers tools to help players get to grips with the gameplay such as adjustable note speed. This feature does not slow the track down, it just adjusts the rate of the notes approaching on the screen to help players hit the more intense note patterns. The game also features an easy and hard mode, which the latter is designed for T-100 models and above.

Hopefully No Dragonforce

The aesthetic of the levels is in the same vein as other household rhythm games such as ‘Guitar Hero’ and ‘Rock Band’. Players are at the foot of a note highway and are required to hit buttons that correspond to the lane the next note is on, readers know the drill.

What this writer loves about Musynx is that every highway has been created specifically for the genre the track falls into as well as note choices being crafted for said tracks. For example, dubstep style tracks will have a digital, almost Tron style highway.


“I wish I was as happy as this highway looks…”

You Must Learn Control

Players also have access to a couple of different control options. The touch screen controls have stuck around for Musynx console release which one prefers. It is almost like playing a very limited keyboard with zero-touch feedback; it is the most accessible choice for sure. The other option is using the joy con or pro controller buttons which can be re-mapped. For the 4K option, one found that using the shoulder buttons for the outer lanes worked best for hand to eye coordination.

Musynx is well presented, bar the aforementioned translation issues. Each track is listed in a scrollable menu which lists a difficulty level, artist and track title along with some odd artwork. Seriously, it looks like a Google images job, but that does not matter. Smooth frame rates were enjoyed in both docked and handheld mode throughout, which is more crucial in Rhythm games than other genres. Lanes and highways are clearly dressed up as they should be, it’s very obvious what players should be doing and when.

The crown jewel for this reviewer is the Musynx soundtrack,  which features 50 different online artists from across the pond and back. It is a great platform for these musicians and the passion is felt in most tracks. One can almost feel like these songs were crafted specifically for better gameplay.


“Great game, but kind of looks like a media player skin”V


Presentation: 6
Graphics: 5
Gameplay: 8
Sound: 8

Overall Score: 6.8/10

Musynx is a no-nonsense highway rhythm title with totally original content. Whilst some tracks might not be everyone cup of tea, the challenge of the higher level tracks will keep players engaged.

Formats: Nintendo Switch (Reviewed) PlayStation 4, PS Vita and iOS
Price: £26.99 (eShop)
Publisher: Acttll inc.
Developer: PMStudios Inc.
Release Date: 19/06/2018
Age Rating: PEGI 3+

Review copy provided by publisher


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