Reggie Reviews Creative Guild

Reggie Reviews, like most other startup gaming journalism and content outlets, found Networking with fellow game industry collegues a bit of a minefield. This was the birth of Reggie Reviews 'Creative Guild'.


The Creative Guilds #1 goal is to provide games Reviewers, Streamers and Content Creators a network of professionals who are able to give advice without it being wrapped in barbed wire. Advice could be anything industry related such as a contact tip off to encoding issues whilst streaming, the Creative Guild also offers a space to advertise or request gigs from writing to video-based work.

Whilst the Creative Guild won’t make you a success overnight, it’s a community based on the following core values:

  • Respect for fellow professionals: No Trolling, just sound advice based on experience
  • Help to Achieve: The Guild isn’t a space for self indulgent individuals, request help and pass on the puck when needed
  • Opportunity: Find writing or streaming gigs that suit your requirements
  • Networking: Meet valuable friends within your sector of the gaming industry 
  • Promotion: Want something sharing over social media? Just post a link to your work

In order to protect a Guild such as this, we have some qualifiers to make sure the common experience is helpful to all:

  • At least 6 months experience in your field backed up by a portfolio of work such as your own site or blog
  • The Creative Guilds page link needs to be on all site / blog / social media channels in order to promote all of the guild members projects and livelihoods
  • Have an outgoing and helpful attitude towards fellow guild members
  • Be an active member of the Creative Guilds Discord channel which is our central communications Hub

So, you want to become a member? Great! Please submit the following to :

  • Portfolio
  • Website / Blog / Channel / Social Media that you operate from
  • About you and why you would like to join the Creative Guild
  • The best Dad joke you can muster (this is of course a test of approachability…)

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