Review Criteria

Here at Reggie Reviews, we want to provide our readers with ‘To The Point’ reviews, whilst trying to remain spoiler-free and unbiased. However, each individual writer will naturally express their own, subjective view.


Gameplay: Implementation of mechanics, playtime analysis, functionality and overall value for money. Extends to story, narrative and longevity (where appropriate)

Graphics: Texture work, artwork, animation and physics.

Presentation: UI, framerate, performance and load times.

Sound: Music, effects, overall quality & implementation of sound design.

Overall Score: The average of the four individual scores, rounded to the nearest whole.

Score Definitions:

Here at Reggie Reviews, we assign a score out of 10 and value those as follows:

0 – A coach toilet (bad)

1 – A public toilet (not the worst, but bad)

2 – A workplace toilet

3 – A posh toilet, but still a toilet

4 – Below average, though with some redeeming features

5 – Average

6 – Just above average

7 – A job well done

8 – Extremely good, but with a few minor issues


10 – Close to perfection

Our revised scoring system will take effect from 7 November 2018